Toy fanatic builds a house from LEGO

  • 31 Aug 2009
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I guess you could build a house with practically any material. But I never thought you could actually build one from pieces. So James May, a toy fanatic from the surprised me, by building a real house from one of my favorite toys as a child.

The two-story Lego palace is located in the middle of a vineyard and has a working bathroom. James used bricks pieced together by 272 Legos. Over three million bricks were used so that’s about 816 million Lego pieces. Quite an amazing job.

Seen at Geeksugar. More images after the break.

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Toy fanatic builds a house from LEGO" 31 Aug 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 21 Sep 2014. <>


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    That is pretty awesome. LEGO was a part of my life since a very early age and I think that it should be a part of any budding architect’s childhood. I am happy to see it used in a REAL LIFE building. I just think that it could have been used in a more creative way. LEGO is basically a mass produced prefabricated modular system… could be interesting to see what the limits are

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      totally agree, using lego to build a house would hopefully result in something a little more creative.

      atleast the building could be more expressive of its material, for example, the words, “J.MAY ’09″

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    Looks pretty real, but 816 million Lego? That’s going to be VERY expensive. More power to him if he actually did it, but seriously, that’s a lot of money invested in Lego bricks.

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    Ok, this post on Geeksugar makes it more realistic – 816 million Lego seems downright impossible, but 3.6 million…

    “Your maths is a little over-enthusiastic; my son & I helped with the original “brick build” & were told by the organisers that they had 3.5 million pieces in total…. We’ve been back to see it this week, it’s nearly finished & well worth a look!”

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    Very funny… until it needs some changes. Can you imagine how hard it would be to add a window? Besides, does LEGO behaves well at hot temperatures and sun exposure? We would not like to see a melt-lego house…

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      @Arthur Francisco:

      what do you mean we, kemosabe? I would LOVE to see a melting lego house.

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      Renovations would be easy, get a soldering gun, or hot blade cutter, cut your hole quickly, and chisel away the left over melted bricks..

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    This is for a BBC TV show. The guy James May is a presenter for the motoring show Top Gear. He has a new programme and this is for that show, and it is not permanent, he stayed in it for a few days.

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    Interesting Job, but – Can u imagine a Lego Wall in a hot Summer?. Do u think those little air-cell inside each Lego piece can work?.
    and the plumbing or electrical parts? are fully working?
    Hope Mr.May can tell us his amazing experience.

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    way to go james! i wonder if the stig come and play at your house.. be sure to put it on the show :D

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    So when do we get to come over to destroy their house just like every lego building I built growing up? ;)

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      True, but–have you ever lived in the UK? There are clouds there–lots of them. Also, take a look at a map. The UK goes from 45 degrees of latitude to almost 60. That’s an angle of incidence that cuts down on UV–especially the 9 non-summer months.

      Finally, as other commenters have noted, maintenance can be done with with a hot blade knife and a glue gun. I don’t think UV will be a problem for this house.

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    This would be funny…playing with PLAYMOBIL into the LEGO house! Anyway, its like a dream of every creative child(but it could have been built in a more interesting way, I think)

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    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH I want to live there. it would be like childhood forever babe woo-hoo. i want it. duude, that’s really really really nice *-*

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    Very cool. I can’t wait to show my six-year-old son. He and I just returned from visiting the Lego Discovery Center in Chicago, after which he declared, “Legos have changed my life!”

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    It’s for a television show, he will live in it for a weekend.
    He is not necessarilly a fanatic, merely a television personality trying to do something a little different.

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    OMG!!! it s fantastic, it s the thing that i ve always tought but never done…i like it… hope to see and visit there someday, somehow…

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    Aw, why are there always those know-it-all partypooper people who have to be just so darn down to earth?! ‘He’s doing it for a UK TV programme’; ‘it’s not cheap’. Who cares?! It’s innovative, and it’s fun. It also has a proper wooden frame and a working bathroom. That’s good enough for me! Come on, peeps, where’s your childlike enthusiasm?!

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    Hi everyone, House is now finished, final filming was this morning (sat 19th). Looks awesome. Due to be televised December this year. I built the flushing Loo, Working Shower, Iconic Red Chair and the main Art piece, an accurate scaled replica of ‘Devastator’ from the latest Transformers movie, ‘Revenge of the Fallen’. This piece is due to go up for auction soon. Kev.

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