AD Interviews: Michael Graves

While in Chicago earlier this year I had the chance to interview  an amazing architect: Michael Graves.

has played an influential role in architecture, often credited as moving the profession in America from abstract modernism to post-modernism. His designs communicate a clear point of view reflecting a sense of playfulness with sophistication. The balance of traditional elements (typically through arches, columns, and pediments) and exploration with color convey the lessons of modern architecture while referring to historical details.

Michael Graves’s most notable accomplishment may be in his success as a high profile architect and a household name. He teamed up with companies such as Target, Disney, Phillips Electronics, and Black and Decker developing a wide range of products reaching a larger public. In doing so he has required us to evaluate our design sensibility and responsibility, serving both large-scale design and intricate details such as bathroom fixtures, teapots, and dinnerware.

Michael Graves has served as a Professor of Architecture at Princeton University, founder and principal of Michael Graves & Associates, and has been awarded some of the most prestigious awards including the 2001 Gold Medal of the American Institute of Architects, and the 2010 AIA/ACSA Topaz Medallion for Excellence in Architectural Education.

Please find the rest of the interview below, including questions on American Architecture and the obsession of chasing green design:

What is Architecture

What should be the role of architects in our society?

What do you think about American Architecture today?

What do you think about today’s obsession with green architecture?

What is the importance of innovation for your practice?

What is the importance of networking for your practice?

What would you recommend to a future architecture student?

After your experience, what can you tell us on starting, running and maintaining a practice?

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  • Robert Bedner

    What a great perspective this interview provides for those of us who can remember when the NY Five book was published.The influence their work had on American architecture (and continue to has to a great extent)is staggering – whether this was a good thing and how it all came about is open to debate – but his spirit and candor are undeniable.

    • c

      Are u saying POMO was a good thing?

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  • Joey P

    Why not ask him relevant things?? Its Michael Graves! The NY 5 is slowly depreciating and you guys have the nerve to give such a trivial interview?