8 House: BIG win for BIG

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BIG has proven in the past to be a source of innovating projects. Their idea is far beyond the superficial: it´s about improving the city, as you can see on this presentation by Bjarke Ingels for 8 House.

For this project -which will open in October-, BIG has been honored by the Scandinavian Green Roof Association as the Best Green Roof in the Scandinavia for its 1.700 m2 sloping green roof at an award ceremony held at 8 House in Oerestad, Copenhagen.

More information about this award after the break.

Photo Courtesy of BIG

BIG’s 8 House wins the 2010 Scandinavian Green Roof Award

Completing its trilogy of housing projects in Oerestad with the same client, BIG + green roof contractor Veg Tech receives the award for 8 House’s 1.700 m2 sloping green roof.

The Scandinavian Green Roof Association based in Malmo, Sweden today honored the Best Green Roof in the Scandinavia, at an award ceremony at the 8 House in Oerestad, Copenhagen. Since 2000, the association has promoted an increased use of green roofs in Scandinavia and created numerous working examples at its Malmo address. In addition the association and its members educate the positive impact of green roofs on urban ecology, and provide inspiration for legislation and building standards.

“BIG has demonstrated a very clear and conscious use of the green roof successfully integrating it into the visual identity of the building ‐ something which was seen in BIG’s green roof award application last year with the M2 houses, but on a much grander scale”, Louise Lundberg, Scandinavian Green Roof Association’s Superintendent.

The moss‐sedum roof covers an extraordinarily long, steep and sloping roof surface descending 11 floors downward to the edge of a canal in Oerestad South opening up the interior courtyard to a view of the protected open spaces of Kalvebod Faelled. The 60.000m2 mixed‐use development is designed in the form of a figure 8 by manipulating the housing typology most often found in Copenhagen. The massing steps up and down depending on access to daylight and views and is broken into four programmatic bars of retail and housing. Green spaces upon the roof and within the courtyard are strategically placed to reduce the urban heat island effect as well as providing a visual relief to the inhabitants. The first residents have already moved in while the building will be finally completed by 1st of October.

“The parts of the green roof that remain were seen by the client as integral to the building as they are visible from the ground. These not only provide the environmental benefits that we all know come from green roofs, but also add to the visual drama and appeal of the sloping roofs and rooftop terrace in between”, , BIG

The green roof is contracted by Veg Tech founded in 1988 who has since been a leading green‐roof manufacturer in Scandinavia.

Photo Courtesy of BIG


Client: St. Frederikslund Holding

Architect: BIG ‐ Bjarke Ingels Group

Green Roof Contractor: Veg Tech A/S

Size of green roof: 1700 m2

Collaborators: Hoepfner Partners, Moe & Brodsgaard, KLAR

Partner‐In‐Charge: Bjarke Ingels

Project Leader: Ole Elkjaer‐Larsen, Henrick Poulsen

Project Architect: Thomas Christoffersen

Project Manager: Henrik Lund

Team: Finn Nørkjær, Dennis Rasmussen, Rune Hansen, Agustin Perez Torres, Annette Jensen, Carolien Schippers, Caroline Vogelius Wiener, Claus Tversted, David Duffus, Hans Larsen, Jan Magasanik, Jakob Lange, Jakob Monefeldt, Jeppe Marling Kiib, Joost Van Nes, Kasia Brzusnian, Kasper Broendum Larsen, Louise Heboell, Maria Sole Bravo, Ole Nannberg, Pablo Labra, Pernille Uglvig Jessen, Peter Rieff, Peter Voigt Albertsen, Rasmus Kragh Bjerregaard, Richard Howis, Soeren Lambertsen, Eduardo Perez, Ondrej Tichy, Sara Sosio, Karsten Hammer Hansen, Christer Nesvik, Soeren Peter Kristensen.

Photo Courtesy of BIG
Cite: Rosenberg, Andrew. "8 House: BIG win for BIG" 19 Aug 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 17 Sep 2014. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=73947>


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    i’m w/ ‘peakfuel’. kind of banal. sustainably laudable perhaps, but not the best looking project on the planet by any stretch of the imagination.

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      probably not the best looking, nobody said it is, but aestethic is many times hidden on paradigmatic concepts of programe and intention brought to reality, i don´t agree it is boring, the dyanimc of volumes and the spaces it generates is not something we see in abundancy. Though the phase of creation demands certain parameters, also is construction demanding. How many past buildings that are now celebrated as stars are indeed aestethicaly not good for the ordianry criteria? The answer is many.

      The users with its movement and diversity of individuals will give the building what this images can not show at this stage. So due to a precedent in past cases i would rather be pacient to see its further real impact in housings projects.

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    Housing hates ground floor- right…so why they make a walkway on penthouse level where locators want to have some privacy? Housing also hates tight internal countryards/atriums(?) where people can see what their neigbours are cooking for dinner.

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      I dont know, and i dont care. Others commented about it being not pretty for them, so i replied to them regerding the SAME subject.

      May be you should ask to Big studio about this, they should know. :)

      Think on the possitive aspect, maybe they can share recipes or cooking tools, some eggs….. that sounds entertaining!!!!!

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        Yeah ! I think it’s positive ( in some way) but I don’t understand all that babble about it in presentation for this project.

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