House Tumle / Johannes Norlander Arkitektur

© Rasmus Norlander

Architects: Johannes Norlander Arkitektur
Location: Outside Gothenburg,
Project Area: 168 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Rasmus Norlander

ground floor plan

The property is located in a residential area north west of Gothenburg, on the top of a hill, overlooking the North Sea. The shape of the building volume follows the existing topography of the site, aiming to creates a natural walk around the building as well as creating an inside flew between the rooms, emphasizing specific outlooks.

© Rasmus Norlander
© Rasmus Norlander

It’s a house for a small family with an an area of 168 square meters , divided on two floors. The entrance floor houses kitchen and living area and the upper floor; bedrooms and work space. The six facades are cladded with fine corrugated, powder coated metal sheets with window frames in coated aluminum. From an distance the building is meant to be abstract, like an icon of a house, approaching it, more physical and present, like someone near.

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      it is stark, but it’s just not yet filled with furniture, clothes, and the dirty dishes…from the photos, it appears to still be unfinished.

      I like it.

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        Dont’t you get? In the new living concept you are not supposed to ha clothes and you are not supposed to use dishes.

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      contemporary architecture is not always designed for people which need confirmations and soothing forms and spaces. ;)

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    Great little house. I like how the core is used to keep wet (plumbed) areas together and articulate the rest of the spaces. I’d love to have my small family live there.

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    Black or white. minimal. clean corner. abstract.trendy.copycat

    Welcome to Sweden…

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    The magazin A10 declared in a feature article the contemporary swedish architecture dead a few years ago (“Arrogantly modest Sweden”). I am really glad to see these days works like this, picking up the droped red line and thinking the long tradition of scandinavian modernism further. I don´t agree that this is an anywhere-in-the-world minimalism. It is the little differences that make it so scandinavian: white interiors, so important and natural in a land, where every bit of light is precious, dark vertical oriented cladding, like the wooden cabins so tipical in this region. Yes,it seems radically abstract without the dirt of the everyday family-life, but that comes certainly, don´t worry. I like it, very much.

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    I can imagine kids drawing on the white wals with color pencils, and parents siting in the strange old personal furniture. This building is just a blank paper for family life to start… there is no furniture yet.

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    I love this soooo much! I fell deeply in love with this house and design, great job. I just wish I had the money to buy/live there. Beautiful bright kitchen. And black walls are the way to go.

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    right now, its “Scandinavian Architecture”.
    just replace the outer shell with THE blue-grey bare concrete with THE puncture marks. and leave everything else the same. okay, maybe replace the generous windows with 1′ diameter round holes, and half a dozen 6″ wide slits on the walls.
    lo…. you will have turned it into “Japanese architecture”

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