Mercedes Benz Museum / UN Studio, photos by Michael Schnell

© Michael Schnell

Ten kilometer south from the Porsche Museum we featured last week, we find the Mercedes Benz Museum, designed by dutch architects UN Studio and photographed by Michael Schnell.

The 35,000sqm project designed by between 2001-2006, includes also a restaurants, stores, offices and an auditorium.

The design is based on the geometry of a clover, with the spaces connected between two helical ascending ramps, around a central atrium.

According to Ben van Berkel, joint founder and director of UNStudio “The Mercedes‑Benz Museum sets up an interface for a series of radical spatial principles in order to create a completely new typology”.

And by this, he refers to how visitors experience the museum: They do not begin their visit to the exhibition at a conventional entrance at the base of the building. They are transported by lift to the top floor. Here they have the choice of two tours, during which they descend through the building. The paths of each tour meet on each floor, enabling visitors to switch between tours – the Collections tour and Legend tour – should they wish to do so.

After this project was completed, several tried to imitate it and these kind of circulations became a cliché among architects (and students).

You can see more details of the lift system at NotCot.

More photos by after the break:

© Michael Schnell
© Michael Schnell
© Michael Schnell
© Michael Schnell
© Michael Schnell
Cite: Basulto, David. "Mercedes Benz Museum / UN Studio, photos by Michael Schnell" 11 Aug 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 29 May 2015. <>
  • Robin

    Nice article, some really impressive pictures. They definitely know architecture and although they have a strong style it keeps surprising me in its distinctive form. UN studio used the same principle ( big spiralling routes) for the Dutch pavilion this year.

    As a note I would like to add that the many spelling errors in this article are distracting.

  • Jason

    It’s blobtastic! /rolleyes

  • æon

    It’s a sketch!

  • SR

    looks good… but not as good as the SL300

    • wang ruibing

      what is SL300

  • aufialwi

    i wish to see some cross sectional daigram…
    want to see how they connect each floors and relate with each other…
    and based on the picture… i can only see @_@

    • David Basulto


      I´m adding a few drawings I found.