Update: Pole Dance / SO-IL, by Iwan Baan


We are sure that SO-IL‘s PS1 installation, Pole Dance, will be a hit this summer.  On Friday we had a preview by Alan R Tansey and today, we found at Iwan Baan’s website another view on the installation.  We hope you’ll be able to visit the project in person sometime.

Complete photoset at Iwan’s website, some photos after the break:

Cite: Cilento, Karen. "Update: Pole Dance / SO-IL, by Iwan Baan" 27 Jun 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 21 Sep 2014. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=66288>


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    The P.S.1. competition has always elicited works whose primary interests are in creating stage sets for spontaneous activity. Posing as a meta-architectural project, P.S.1. is an architect’s fantasy whereby they (we) can imagine that all human activity is somehow choreographed, though not necessarily controlled, by the formal realization of our own desires.
    The SO-IL project deviates from this almost standardized attitude that previous P.S.1. winners have pursued, (think Diaz-Alonso, and even MOS). Here the public (as seen in photograph 2) are once removed from being participants in the primary choreography and instead are merely spectators of a drama for which they are neither properly physically fit or trained. The very limited seating would suggest that the proportion of stage to spectator is meant to over-emphasize this peculiarity in a venue whose actual functional purpose is to host large summer gatherings and parties. It is unclear whether the dancers are permanent fixtures, or if in their absence the spectators become aware that something (the entertainment) is missing. Thus this condition (of absence) becomes and remains the life (presence) of the party.

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      or maybe archdaily has jumped the gun and posted this project, a few times, before the actual “warm-up ” party opening.

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    OH PUT a cork in it Jeffery, its summer, time to have some FUN – go play with some ball and sticks…this preaching of the unplanned choreography can be so obtuse that we forget about the wonderful things in a performance space…there is nothing wrong with a little theater – which was where architects have used to perform experiments in spacial expression as well… this is not the only thing thats going to occur with this instillation, its on all summer – so grab a date and a beer and get off your MACbook and stop drinking haterade

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    If this project is to provide different conditions within the PS1 yard like most of the previous projects (such as adequate shade in hot NYC summers), it needs WAY MORE BALLS! Also, more balls, more fun!!!

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    I’ve decided pole dance is like a girl you met when you were drunk who you were flirting with, that you thought was way cute, and then you decide to go on a date with her months later…
    and in reality she has a broken nose and matted hair.

    I blame Paul Simon for this.

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