Autodesk Autocad for Mac, Sledgehammer Beta 1

Almost a year ago we told you of a survey Autodesk was conducting regarding the UI and printing capabilities of with users, the first confirmation of Autodesk finally working on a version for this platform.

Federico Viticci from Macstories posted several screen shoots of Sledgehammer, the first Beta of Autocad for Mac OSX, running on a 64-bit machine. The UI presents several changes from what we were used to on the Windows version, and I´m happy to see mouse gestures (supported by Macbook’s touchpad and the Magic Mouse).

Not much details out there, but we do have a meeting with an Autodesk rep in the following weeks, when we will try to get you more details.

In the meanwhile, take a look at the following screen shoots and tell us what you think: Is Autodesk going in a good direction with this new version (more than an adaptation) of Autocad for Mac? Does the UI seem usable for you? What would you add?

Cite: Basulto, David. "Autodesk Autocad for Mac, Sledgehammer Beta 1" 22 May 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 29 May 2015. <>
  • deniz

    this is perfect news. finally

  • Alx

    I’LL ROCK!!

  • http://arqimagem bruno

    will 3d max for mac?

    • sca

      mac needs a delete key.
      not “delete” thats a backspace. the real delete. thats a man’s key

      thats why 3dsmax cant go mac :P

      • JNK

        try fn + delete :)

      • biboarchitect

        CMD + Delete
        Do u have a mac SCA??

      • but why

        it has a delete key. atleast if you buy the bigger mac keyboard.
        I have one.

      • brk plt

        fn + delete is correct. It is for laptop computers.

  • waiting


    so happy

  • Freddy Spaghetti

    long overdue

  • Duc C. Nguyên


  • acaduser

    This would be amazing!

  • Ard

    to little to late. Thank god for Vectorworks and Cinema 4D

  • K

    Bye Bye PC!!!!!!

  • InTheSky

    what a good news, that was the last barrier for me to buy a macbook.

    oh, grasshopper…

  • amonle

    … uh, autocad????
    Revit for mac would be news – but this is last generation software

    • Matt

      I definitely agree!

      Revit would be great news for me!

    • gk

      exactly! at least its kinda a step in the right direction for autodesk

      • miki3D

        I can understand the hype for autocad on a mac… but why oh why would you want revit when ArchiCAD is there for you? Please don’t say Compatibility, it can’t be only that!!

      • student

        because for a lot of people [like it or not] revit is far more intuitive, powerful and useful than vectorworks or archicad. basically better and faster. not to mention an existing/growing industry standard.

    • carrucha75

      Revit is the best!

  • Nicholas Patten

    Autodesk Autocad for Mac, Sledgehammer Beta 1.

  • WPstudios

    RT @nicholaspatten Autodesk Autocad for Mac, Sledgehammer Beta 1.

  • ant

    what would be the best solution for different xref path in mac and pc?
    don’t be indesign again…

  • ARGE

    AutoCAD is so 90s. Hardly anyone would buy it.
    Revit is the one that should have a Mac version.
    Revit, Revit, not AutoCAD!

    • brk plt

      After the codes of AutoCAD implemented to Mac OSX, Revit will be a piece of cake. They will probably release it. Macs are meant to be used for design but more than twenty years Autodesk do not care much this platform. People say that Mac has a limited market share but among designers it is very popular and AutoCAD is not being used by housewives. In addition, the main market is the North America where macs are sold crazy.

    • student

      revit is great, and i love it. i use it far more than autocad, but first things first. autocad occupies a substantially larger portion of the market share. i think it would be silly to think autocad would ever be done. it’s use in [lots of] other industries too you know. this makes it a far more viable candidate to port.

      porting revit will still be just as much, if not more, work than autocad. they will know more about apple hardware, but it really won’t be any easier just because they have already ported autocad.

    • anavic

      What’s the difference between Revit and AutoCAD?? I’ve just used autocad, I tried Revit once but I remember it didn’t even look like a drawing programm? Maybe I had the wrong version or something. So I ask you, what do you think it’s best ?!?!

      I’m widely opened to other alternatives :)

    • carrucha75

      I agree revit is the one that is calling people´s attention i agree also archicad is such a good one, same with vectors but nothing compare to revit.

  • Ben

    The fact that Autodesk is moving their main program over to OSX is probably a sign that all of their products will be supported on Macs in the near future.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah with the Revit, even though its not a real design tool.

    • onemanwithapencil

      Yeah, yeah, yeah but still most designs only need to be modeled for a client and while Rev. is a powerful tool, it largely takes the human out of the changes

  • doydollar

    oh!!! that so great. I must buy it one.

  • Stan

    Do I see an option for walls there on one of the screens? This would be great and indicate a hybrid product since the plain default autocad does not have walls. Ask them about this!

  • tunnnnnn

    finally, a long time waiting…

    : )

  • biboarchitect

    Any torrents ;))

  • Chlo3

    this would make my life so much more AMAZING..and easier with my new mac! Hallelujah

  • armughan

    mac already has archiCAD in place of revit but autoCAD would bring big sales to them.

    • osu arch

      i’m sorry, and i think many will agree [and i secretly hate it] but archiCAD will never be Revit [not that it's trying]. it does a good job being an alternative, but it is indeed an alternative. revit [once understood] is superior/faster [even though it came after]. i don’t like to like autodesk products, but they are often superior. i have tried leaving them, but always end up back on them.

  • Henri

    F**** I’m working on allplan !!! Nooooo
    Still need parallel and the f****** bleu key… :(

  • Zeid Kakish

    i’m really happy that i will get the chance to use autocad on apple. but i have a question, on the first screen shot i can’t find the snap,grid,ortho,polar….etc bar, is it going to be there as on windows

    • RS

      Bottom right toolbar looks like it can stretch – that’s where it would be.

  • sousa

    mais vale tarde que nunca.

  • ovo

    any chance they will release also Revit for mac?

  • simone

    I think Nemetschek is in danger now, autocad on mac will cannibalize all potential vectorworks user…

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  • yamov

    AutoCAD is really 90s tecnology as it was said here. But there is AutoCAD Architecture version that is almost the same tool as Revit Architecture. But don’t really care about Revit cause i’m Acad Architecture user.
    And this news about ACAD is smazing cause this is the first step too come back to Mac platform for Autodesk. So I’m sure now we’ll see and other their products for mac soon.

    • TeaNotes

      Actually, Maya was Autodesk’s first step to Mac, just that it wasn’t actually made BY THEM. Considering this, they had the tech and know-how for an Autocad port a long time ago if you ask me… This is thrilling news for me, best one in years concerning mac software, but I wouldn’t be TOO excited about other products since they could have done this a while ago but didn’t.

      • osu arch

        AlaisWavefront actually ported Maya to Mac before Autodesk aquired them. It was already that way. discreet ported all the post production video to mac as well. they have several products for the mac. it make sense that they should have mac/pc offerings of all their products for maximizing product distro. It’s not like they are really working that hard on anything else… :(