Qatar Unveils Designs for Second World Cup Stadium

  • 02 Jul 2014
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Qatar‘s Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy have released images of the latest stadium designed for the 2022 World Cup. Located in Al Khor City, the Al Bayt Stadium will also be surrounded by the new Al Bayt district, which will host retail space and restaurants, as well as landscaped paths for residents to use as horseriding, cycling and jogging tracks. 

The design – billed as “an entirely Qatari concept, reflecting ’s proud history and culture” – is based on the Bayt Al Sha’ar, a black and white tent used traditionally by nomadic people in , which would have been a welcome symbol of hospitality for desert travelers.

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The stadium was designed by an unnamed group of Qatari architects, although Dar Al Handasa are credited as design consultants. As one of the World Cup’s semi-final venues, the stadium will hold 60,000 seats, but after the tournament the design allows the upper tier of seating to be removed, reducing the stadium to 32,000 seats. The removed seats are planned to be donated to other countries “to leave a legacy for international football development.”

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The Al Bayt Stadium & Precinct will also incorporate best practice in energy-efficiency measures in an attempt to meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Global Sustainability Assessment System (GSAS) standards. The stadium will also be constructed in accordance with the new Workers’ Welfare Standards, a policy brought in as a response to continued concerns over the safety and welfare of construction workers on Qatar’s world cup projects.

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The Al Bayt Stadium is the second design unveiled for the 2022 World Cup, joining Zaha Hadid ArchitectsAl Wakrah Stadium.

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Year: 2018
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  • ty

    well that’s just absurd…. black roof in qatari summer? That amount of landscaping to take care of? what a hot mess.

    • John Park

      hope thay’ll use the blackness to absorb heat for energy conversion, because the look is making me sweat…

      • KL

        or maybe adding water features to lessen the heat

  • lolcat

    LOL at the desolate city in the periphery…

  • DeadNepali

    This looks better than Zaha Hadid’s Vagina Staudium (Al Wakrah Stadium). I hope this project have less or zero casualties during the construction.

    • CSchafer

      Watching a documentary now about all the deaths and the horrible conditions the workers are facing as this is constructed. The people that are building this are from other countries (migrant workers) and are living in deplorable conditions. I won’t even be watching the next world cup, and as an architect, I refuse to support this construction effort.

  • Tsukiyo

    Can’t imagine the amount of energy and resources require to maintain this site

  • will

    This is an embarrassment. This design totally ignores the genius loci of Qatar and total disregards the context of its environment. Shame on the designers and the client.

    • Kamyar S

      What genius loci for a country with a 40 year old history? They’ve already presented a self-made culture/history by faking Iranian and Ottoman cultural and historical elements. This project is simply the best symbol of a culturally poor history.

  • Bla

    What history? This country has no history.

  • in Qatar

    Architects not willing to put their name to it yet ??
    … maybe not ever …

  • Katsudon

    Quick! Robin! Let’s get to the bat-stadium!

  • John Truman

    There will be NO Wolrd Cup in Qatar, because of the heat and the homophobes, it will be in USA..

  • John

    oh my god… thousand of people will die making this.
    If it HAS to be in Qatar, which is a lousy place to hold a world cup, why not trying to make things uderground where is cool…

  • Jfs

    Seriously? Copying a tent on top of a stadium! A lesson in what not to do when referring to the local culture of a country in architecture!

  • JFS

    Someone tell me it’s a joke..