Zaha Hadid’s 2022 Qatar World Cup Stadium Unveiled


New details have emerged on and AECOM’s 2022 FIFA World Cup stadium in . Scheduled to begin construction in late 2014, the 40,000-seat venue pulls inspiration from a local fishing boat – the Arabian dhow – to influence its overall design.

One of the most important design aspects featured includes a modular second tier, comprised primarily of engineered timber, that will be dismantled and shipped to various developing countries after the games. This will not only reduce the Al Wakrah Stadium’s capacity by half after the games, but also extend the Stadium’s “legacy.”

The Zaha Hadid-designed stadium will be the first of six built for the 2022 World Cup. It will be located in one of the oldest inhabited areas of Qatar, a historic port city located 15 kilometers south of Doha.


Reference: ZHA, BDOnline

Cite: Rosenfield, Karissa. "Zaha Hadid’s 2022 Qatar World Cup Stadium Unveiled" 18 Nov 2013. ArchDaily. Accessed 17 Sep 2014. <>


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    Should have used Kanye’s song “Amazing”. Hahaha. But seriously, they couldn’t get rid of that skinny little truss across the middle? Say what you want about the design and the money spent for the Olympics in Qatar, but that truss across the middle is a practical pimple on a form based beast of a design.

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    At first it was unique and interesting, now this is starting to become globally mono-toned architecture. I saw Schumacher lecture over a year ago and he went on and on about prescriptive design, his obsession for a how-to guide for architecture. Design shouldn’t be scripted or equational. Their stuff (not all but most) is starting to look like it is drag and dropped.

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    It just looks like all the other projects her team has made.Ok, this one is in Qatar where slavery is legal and a trend,meaning the architects have no code of ethics or a basic level of morality (their human side seems to be lost forever).

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    No intention to be cynical here but I can’t help thinking that it looks WAY closer to a giant vulva than any kind of boat that I know of…I can’t believe noone has seen this!

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    At first I made the connection with that part of the female anatomy. I thought ‘did someone not notice this in the design team?’, then I realised (slash hoped) that it was actually a comment on the hundreds (if not thousands) of years of phallic architecture by male architects throughout history. Perhaps even a comment on the status of women around the world. And in a male-dominated sport/world!

    I REALLY hope that’s the case, because if it is, Hadid has just redeemed herself in my eyes.

    It’s a beautiful form.

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    girl power nowadays! dhow-vulva-space ship-whatever-its nice
    temperature nov-dec around 20-25`c in Qatar, and they reviewing labor rights now.

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    nice project
    but how many workers use?
    how many accident?
    How many deaths on this site?
    make beautiful architecture is good, but make ethics architecture is better …

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    What, they couldn’t afford a landscape architect? I mean, it’s just plonked on a massive unbroken field of hardness. Shade? Trees maybe? a seat even?

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    Like many architects, I think she was better on the smaller scale stuff – like the Nordpark railway stations. The flowing curves are great – but not in human scale. It almost looks as if the pitch and stadium seating are an afterthought dropped in under the sculpture. This sort of architecture is far more appropriate when it is worked all the way through – although an elliptical football pitch might be problematic!

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    Good job Zaha, true looks like a giant female organ, but it sends a powerful message to the Arab world about women oppression, TAKE THAT…

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    sorry, but looks like a giantvagina…

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      Why would you be sorry it loooks like a vulva/vagina?
      Most of the traffic on the internet is vaginas on display or in use.

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    I excpected a more chalanging design from zaha..the lines are still the same in every design..and how is it inspired from a boat really?it has a tepical stadium shape…

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    Nice article, Karissa. It’s not every day that architectural visualization like these, that we produced, permeates several news cycles around the world. Zaha Hadid’s design complete with her signature curves, has generated a great discussion in the architecture, design and mainstream news world. This is something we strive to do at Neoscape.

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    With all the attention dedicated to what the stadium resembles, this project will never be built. Whether or not intentional, the form is now an international laughing stock. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if ZHA is dismissed from the project entirely.

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    Great article, Karissa. It’s not every day that architectural visualizations, that we produced at Neoscape, permeate several news cycles around the world. But honestly, we’re not surprised. Not because of what Zaha Hadid designed, complete with her signature curves, but because visualization is meant to instigate discussion – something we strive to do with in of our work:

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    Everyone is claiming the design was inspired by a vulva, but that is NOT CORRECT. Zaha stated very clearly the design was inspired by the form of a boat– and not just any boat! It was inspired the super-yacht design that she recently published. You know: the one that was inspired by a vulva.

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    I wonder if now this will be the final design, because yes, it looks like something the qatari people keeps very well covered

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    In a country that Females r opressed. . . thats a huge creation by a woman like Ms Zaha… it can look like whatever you want…and btw… how many ppl will be on a helicopter just to c it from above??? they need to enjoy it from inside… oops…

    well done Ms Zaha!

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