Kiltro House / Supersudaka


Architects: Supersudaka / Juan Pablo Corvalán
& Gabriel Vergara
Location: Talca,
Project Team: Pablo Sepúlveda, Miguel Angel Reyes
Engineering: Cesar Moreira / Sigma Ingenieros
Project Area: 104 sqm
Budget: U$80,000
Project Year: 2006–2008
Photographs: Supersudaka

casa-kiltro-02 casa-kiltro-08 casa-kiltro-11 casa-kiltro-18

This house located in the Central Valley near Talca is almost a statement of how to accomplish architecture in Latin America.

As the design and building process were so unsteady, starting from the site -located in an almost impossible steep hill-, to the budget limitations, a very basic grid configuration evolved to a much multifaceted formal result; both simple and complex at the same time.

floor plan
floor plan
evolution diagram
evolution diagram

Curiously, the principal façade when arriving to the house is the roof, designed as a complete terrace to a 360º view of the valley but also as a structural complement underneath the deck that overtakes the horizontal forces in case of earthquakes, which allows to avoid cross-bracing in the windows towards the appealing views. This wooden “envelop” is extended and returned to block excessive sun exposure in the hot summer of central Chile zone, although lets the sun to enter in the fresh early morning and in hard winter in a more inclined angle.

Plus, natural cross ventilation through opening of all the glass planes through the patio and external façade permits a regulation of temperature in a passive mode. Unexpectedly, this calculated geometry relates almost candidly to the nearby hills topography.


section 02
section 02

Beyond demanding technical issues, the project spatial organization outcomes -as it was never determined- in a open space around the patio which includes the kitchen and could displayed as the inhabitant wishes, switching dinning room to living room or any other instance as desired. A more stable programme is the principal bedroom with a private bathroom and terrace towards the view since residents could enjoy it more during the morning and late night rather than the day. Plus, an optional studio and/or guest room in the opposed side is available aligned with a more “public” shower, toilet and laundry facilities. All fits in less than 104 M2, nevertheless all spaces connect to each other in exterior or interior ways: a continuous promenade with no dead ends as is to integrate all the spatial qualities and views of living in a steep and almost non urbanized area, nevertheless 5 minutes to the city.

kiltro diagram
kiltro diagram


All this was reached rather than in a quest for certainties, through a trial and error modus operandi whereas all design resources at reach where unconsciously or more rationally implied: from Corbusier’s 5 points for a new modern architecture, to nearby Smijan Radic’s Copper House 2, or/and references passing through Mies structural explicitness through OMA and PLOT experiments (All apologies).

The result? A mix, a bastardized design, a fusion, like a crossbreed dog, as named in Chilean: A Kiltro (mixed-breed dog).

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  • Mats Lundgren

    Excellent design – synthesis of ideas and considerations of occupant experience. House as landscape, grounds for exploration, glass vessel, courtyard and sky.

  • panza

    awesome – playful, yet beautiful. simple, but not schematic

  • Michael

    This is a beautiful and restrained little house.
    I would love to see some interior shots.
    This is a good lesson for young architects;
    Sometimes a little bit of whacky goes a long way.
    Not everything has to be folding and warping in seven directions.
    Great design!

  • plots

    this is pretty nice; good relationship between the material, form, and landscape, but that dog diagram is…mind blowing

  • james

    curious diagram.

  • spass

    This is definitely good. It is not trying to propose a totally crazy idea, but rather keep it within reasonable limits and perfect it.

  • jimmy

    parkour! parkour!

  • stepienybarno

    Congratulations to both architects. The project is stunning
    The building totally merges with its surroundings making it seem if the construction was always there.

  • Yorik

    Quite cool indeed… I first thought the contrast between the “square” plan and the free-form volume was a bit weak, but I liked the “bastard dog” concept, and at the end it fits well everything together. Great job!

  • Filip

    It is reckless and irresponsible not to design railings just for the sake of beauty…These people cannot risk having children guests, or even drunk adult guests. That is sad, when You think of it. Otherwise, the house is really sweet.

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  • Arjan Scheer

    wow, this is super!

  • evan

    Its hard to criticize a project made with care and effort BUT.
    That wooden roof wont last more than a couple of years.
    No railings at all, come on.
    Its just a regular house with a complex roof. So fake with real its in the end a fake.

    • Thomas

      Its a house. What is regular about it? What do you think is missing from making it a unregular house? Are you looking for a blob? Why is it fake?

      • tommo hcmc

        looking at the floorplan, the simple square grid implies an inherent regularity.. the roof plays with this and gives an otherwise universal form factor a site-specific relevance.

        It’s the architects’ decision not to have roof railings, and they have succeeded in augmenting the horizontality of the house this way. The use and selection of timber decking adds a really nice touch as well

        Looking at the pictures it would be difficult to photoshop this, im guessing its not fake then :p

        muy buen hecho, saludos desde Vietnam :D

    • jonas

      the roof will last more than a couple of years – wooden boards in humid climates survive for decades if properly finished, don’t see any reason why they shouldn’t here

  • arnold

    very good Idea: very simly and contectual house. The idea to buil such forms roof – is great. Maybe it could be more choppy/wavy/rolling. But anything else: the idea between landscape and house structure – is very good.


  • zitoon

    I love this house. This is so simple, and so complexe at the same time. nice concept to climb on the house thru a “promenade architecturale” and distort this square shape into a curious house. congratulation

  • trimtab21

    I like the look of this house, but I wonder what provides the weather barrier under all those wood planks? Will dirt collect in the gaps between the boards causing rot? What about water leaks at all the screws through the boards? Sorry to be so practical but I have seen too many wood buildings fail to last due to weathering problems.

    • Thomas

      Beleive it or not, but wood has been used for houses for thousand of years…

  • Lasse Lyhne

    Haha thank you for not showing a diagram where the houses are actually mating

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  • Sara Lund

    Looking at: "Kiltro House / Supersudaka | ArchDaily and liking it."( )

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  • threads

    a true FIELD house.

  • rosi

    Beautiful. The description says it was built to withstand seismic forces. How did it stand up to the recent terrible earthquake?

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