The Berg: The biggest artificial mountain in the world

© The Berg
© The Berg

German architect has projected a new and visionary landmark in . He plans to build a mountain of 1,000 meters high called “The Berg”, which would become a never-before-seen tourist destination in the German capital city. Seen at Plataforma Arquitectura. More images and description after the break.

© The Berg
© The Berg

The objective is to create a natural habitat for the mountain’s wildlife and at the same time, become a recreation space for everyone in the city. “The Berg” would take the place of the Tempelhof Airport, a space currently under discussion. Surprisingly, there’s a big group supporting “The Berg” and people are pressing to get the approval and financing of the project.

© The Berg
© The Berg

The Berg Manifesto:

While big and wealthy cities in many parts of the world challenge the limits of possibility by building gigantic hotels with fancy shapes, erecting sky-high offce towers or constructing hovering philharmonic temples, Berlin sets up a decent mountain. Its peak exceeds 1000 metres and is covered with snow from September to March…

Hamburg, as stiff as fat, turns green with envy, rich and once proud Munich starts to feel ashamed of its distant Alp-panorama and planners of the Middle-East, experienced in taking the spell off any kind of architectural utopia immediately design authentic copies of the iconic Berlin-Mountain. Tempelhof no longer only is on Berliners’ minds: People come in focks to – not to see the mountain. Thus,

Come and see The Berg!

© The Berg
© The Berg
© The Berg
© The Berg
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© The Berg
© The Berg
© The Berg
© The Berg
© The Berg
© The Berg
© The Berg
Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "The Berg: The biggest artificial mountain in the world" 12 Nov 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 21 Apr 2014. <>


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    crazy, extremly expensive but good: rather build an artificial mountain with resort, than devastate natural beauty with resorts. and you can have best looking high rise buildings, a mountain, even a fake one looks better, more…natural :)

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        from litter.

        and/or you take some woodless unused earth put it on “the berg” and after that you can fill the big hole with water and got a nice lake too…

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        That’s why this project is soo not German! A real German worth his leiderhosen would make a big manly VOLCANO instead!!! Just engineer some wild boring device to drill to the middle of the earth and bring magma to the surface and it would create itself! And think of all the geothermal heating this would create! The whole region could live off of that for centuries and we wouldn’t have to bother the Middle East at all!! Heck, I’d be willing to bet the creator might even get himself a Nobel or two for bringing about peace and what not.

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      If you go to google maps type in Tempelhof Berlin that is a fake mountain but you are right it does look more natural.

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      I find it really sad when people have such restricted views of what constitutes architecture. Why wouldn’t this be architecture?

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        I guess it could be considered so. So could Disneyland.

        As someone currently studying architecture though, I hope not. I want to hope that I can come out working on things that take natural, cultural, and environmental factors ALL into consideration.

        Building a mountain that had no geologic or geographic will to be there is more some kitschy gimmick, like a mall or amusement park, that I find more the influence of developer than most people I meet studying in an architecture program.

        Though I have heard it’s hard to make a living and we often become the whores of this influence and sell our souls in order to do so.

        Architecture means different things to different people, but this is not what it means to me.

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    I’ve seen this around a lot lately, but I have not seen any info on how it could be constructed?

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        playing god?

        couldn’t you say the same about any architect, scientist, artist, or creative person?

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    This is retarded and isn’t architecture by the way…I would never go to Berlin because they have an artificial mountain. I’d go if they continued making good arcitecture

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      Like most conceptual art pieces, I looked at this and wondered why noone had thought of it before. Its simple and crazy-genious. If its a constructed environment, I’d have to argue its in the realm of architecture.

      As for being retarded, well… It would impact the micro-climate, and we could discuss that endlessly. For marketting and bringing people to the city, I can’t think of anything that would work better, whether its a good design or not. Something this crazy would even be on Oprah. Its revolutionary!

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        where would you differentiate between an architect and an engineer then? Both architect and engineer could make a “constructed environment”.

      • Thumb up Thumb down 0

        conceptual art? What?

        This has been done before for one thing, in the form of the Matterhorn at Disneyland. So it’s not exactly like it’s a new “concept”.

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      You are a fool. Try and begin to understand the way this project is commenting on the nature of the competition.

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    Berlin already has an artificial mountain, its called “Humboldthöhe” and it is located in “Volkspark Humboldthain”. It is made out of the destroyed Buildings from WW2, and covered with Vegetation. Ok, it’s only 85 m high, but it covers 1.6 million m³ of debris and it wasn’t there before 1945.

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    I don’t know about ridiculous. It’s different certainly, but people travel to fredricksburg just for enchanted rock.

    It may not be architecture in the traditional sense, but it is design and in a world where nature is being traded for buildings, it’s refreshing that someone would make an attempt to bring a little nature back into the world instead of another airport.

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    I say if you make an artificial mountain, make it look en work artificial. You’ll be a poor man trying to imitate a thing that can only be produced by nature.

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    Might as well put some big ears on it, call it Mikey Mountain then have old Walt’s boys build a monorail through it…..just because something is built doesn’t means it’s architecture…big difference between architecture and building…or mountaining in this case.

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    Setting aside issues of originality and what not, let’s get down to brass tacks. How much landscape and habitat will they have to destroy elsewhere to make this fake mountain in Berlin? Where’s the 1000 meter deep hole going to be when this project is completed? How much fuel is it going to take to transport the raw material to the site? Making a new mountain is perhaps the most destructive thing I can think of short of dropping a nuclear bomb.

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    interesting. but, is that really important for the city? how expensive it would be? It’s nice to think that we can build a maountain, but anyway, I think a park would be enough too..

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      I’d have to agree with what your saying. I believe that a mountain being built in Berlin is just as bad as when a little child has homework to do and yet does something else, what i mean is why not take all that money since it will be a HUUUGE amount, and help those who can’t even feed their own children. Its a shame that us humans dont share a common decency when it comes to other humans in need.

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    I wonder if tourists will rather visit the humongous hole, left where all the rocks and soil will be take from to build this thing!

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    Ok…here is the deal…GRAB a mountain…a little photoshop in it, put some animals, a rollercoaster, a little snow and most important “human scale”

    there is you project…you can DIY in your own city …all you need is a mountain…there must be like…uhm…150 million all over the world.

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      so what. good ideas don§t have to be difficult. in fact. all the genial ideas are primitive – its a mountain. thats it – no design, no complicated stuff, just a mountain. and it looks the best, serves the best. And I cant imagine a better way to deal with nature.

      theres just too much people for the nature, so its logical, that if we want more nature, we must make own own.

      its better to destroy artificial nature than the real one.

      and a city is one big piece of artificiality. why not artificial nature?

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    How ironic… destroying nature to make city, and then destroying city (and nature?) to make artificial nature again… and we’re all, including me, crazy enough to think this could work.

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    The problem CMO arch is that you may be completely right in your statement but nobody will accept a single statement saying what architecture really is nowaday. So I would say society would call architecture anything that define itself as such.
    Therefore, it is in architecture. It is undoubedtly influenced by a certain history of architecture, probably the family of projects of Petena, archizoom, site, archigram and such (that you may or may not consider as being architecture).
    And I must say I would go to Berlin to see that even more often that I already love to go there. However, i don’t think it is possible to build it as it is shown…

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    “The objective is to create a natural habitat for the mountain’s wildlife and at the same time, become a recreation space for everyone in the city”

    Help me understand the expendature of natural and economic resources to build a faux nature. This is silly. I will always be more interested in visiting Germany (or anywhere else for that matter) for its authenticity. In Germany’s case its history, its culture, and natural settings.

    • Thumb up Thumb down 0

      las vegas is not authentic at all. disneyland neither. and thats the best place in the world. its surreality is the THING that makes it an unique experience. That surreal genius loci – you know its not true, but it looks like that – like a fairytale. I cant imagine a better place to go

  15. Thumb up Thumb down 0

    I wander if there is such thing as authenticity that would define any national identity anymore. If i think about the recent celebration events of the fall of the wall, I see a domino likke sculpture falling, a Bon Jovi concert … I’m still searching for the authenticity. And i’m not even talking about architecture there. I don’t think this disparition of authenticity is specific to Germany as a matter of fact, since national identity as been a big political topic everywhere in Europe for the past 20 ears at least. This project is made to be polemical and to raise such topics. that what makes it real.

    • Thumb up Thumb down 0

      even non – authenticity can be authentic – like Las Vegas – its that unauthentic and surreal, that it is authentic in its original way and definetly has a genius loci.

      So could this mountain have. It is taht big, that out of context, taht surreal, that it is fantastic and could become a part of a culture.

      in fact – all architecture is not authentic – it is an artificial shelter – an artificial modern cave. But we make it authentic, because we bring some spririt – piece of us, an artistic expression – thats authentic. and the idea behind this is that simple and pure that it is definetly authentic – it is not a bulding that tries to look like a mountain (thats not very authentic, sorry BIG). it IS a mountain.

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    I think it would be more likely that they would demolish a mountain like this if it would exist from the begining for making space for buildings as making one.

    On the other I think its quite interesting.

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    Gosh yeah, thats a pretty good joke. Talk about parody.

    A recently overheard conversation between Berlin politicians:

    German 1: Hey, what should we do with that airport that closed?
    German 2: Gee, I don’t know, just let it sit there I guess.
    German 1: Well, what if we build a mountain there? Ha! a mountain in the center of Berlin! Hilarious!
    German 2: Hahaha, that would be incredibly stupid. But funny!

    At least I hope thats how it went. Maybe, in the end, this will get built, and then who will the joke be on?

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