AD Interviews: Advice for Young Architects

Since ArchDaily started, we have interviewed close to two hundred architects to understand the diversity of our profession, and to give you insights from the most successful practices in the world.

Here is a round up with excerpts from some of these interviews, focusing on advice for the young architects.

Watch Bjarke Ingels, Charles Renfro, Einar Jarmund, Ma Yansong, Sam Jacob, Jim Eyre, and Andrew Maynard share their advice with the ArchDaily community!

Cite: Basulto, David. "AD Interviews: Advice for Young Architects" 14 Jun 2013. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 May 2015. <>
  • MariaJose Echeverría

    what does Ma Yasong say about philosophy?

  • ppap

    My school is forced to cut off a huge part of the course (due to lack of money), many professors are living the school (or the country). But who cares.. Those who have money will find a place somewhere in a European university. Or they can wait for the Chinese to invest in education. This video didn’t really help me. Greetings from dying Greece

  • Emmett McNamara

    Bjarke is full of hot air

  • Becca Liu

    Just me or does this video feel like it’s a promo commercial for something…

  • pablo

    looks like a stupid MTV video…
    nope, architecture is not just about being cool, having nice socks, hipster glasses and talking like an ad man…
    thanks for your advice, really helpful!

  • fin

    Thats all really good advice. Bjarkes was great, find your niche. hand drawing is very important.