AD Classic: Neue National Gallery in Berlin / Mies van der Rohe

Guillermo Hevia Garcia took this nice pictures of the Neue National Gallery in , by Mies van der Rohe. This building is from 1968, and it´s a jump from the traditional museum idea of a closed building with exhibition rooms, into an open-plan flexible space.

The building is 64.8m long, with only 2 columns on each side, which free the corners giving the building a lightweight look. A very “Mies” building, with a clear and radical idea put on a very minimal, yet detailed structure.

This is the first non-contemporary building we have published so far on ArchDaily. Would you like to see more articles like this?

More pictures below.

Cite: Basulto, David. "AD Classic: Neue National Gallery in Berlin / Mies van der Rohe" 14 Jul 2008. ArchDaily. Accessed 18 Sep 2014. <>


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    I’d definitely like to see more posts like this one. These modernist buildings have inspired many or most of the contemporary ones features here, so it makes sense to include them.

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    Modernist buildings should definately be on the website. Actually any building of architectural merit, regardless of style or age, is worth including in order to build a comprehensive data base.

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    I’m all for seeing Modernist classics or any worthwhile architecture as part of the website. I would like the site to maintain is primarily contemporary focus of work, however.

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    As long as a building is posted with great thought, like this post, then that would be excellent. I’ve seen this building several times in pictures, but the way this whole blog is done around it makes it much more intriguing.

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    this building is massive and reminds me of the passport office building in santiago, chile (for no apparent reason). i love both. wish i had pics of the latter.

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    Mies didn’t make modernism after 1928, he used a classical language with steel and some concrete….

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    I’m a new user of arch daily, I think the website is awesome but what I noticed after some reading was the lack of Modernist architecture in the page. This article is excellent so keep up the excellent work and please publish more modernist work.

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    The best buidlings of 20th century modernism will always have something to say, and appear fresh. I agree with the comment that the site should focus mainly on the contemporary, but inclusions like this help to give some perspective.

    Might send a few of my own soon!

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    I am looking for some floorplans of this building, would you advise me a website to explore? Thx, very much for helping me, a prospective architectess :o)

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      Hey Nafoukana! I have some floorplans of this building in pdf version because I had to draw and “analyze” it during my first year of architecture (4 years ago). If you want, I could send you that pdf, I think I had the main floorplan and the basement’s too, together with some sections (these ones I dont know if they’re as reliable).

      If you want something, contact me at

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    WE want the classics….bring some more…and more detail…mies,corbusier,aalto,niemeyer…time for some real architecture.

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    In school…and am all ready bombarded with Mies and his contemporaries. I love this stuff, but I usually come to this site to see new design on a daily basis. Once in a while is good, but if anyone wants to see Mies and his peers, every arch history book will have them, as well as almost any publication on modern arch. Also, if you are going to show a work from Mies, please do not leave out details. They’re pretty damn awesome.

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    It would definately be a good idea!! although cautiously since the good all classics are classics only in a formal sense and more fossils of a fossil age, and as such have more of a historic value than practical one. So it would be nice to see some more of the old rights and wrongs.

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    Classical language can’t be devoid of style. The history of the orders are imbedded in style as well as proportion. Even Corbusier spoke of classical proportions- however, to say Mies used classical language isn’t really accurate.

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    Congratulations to the architects Mies Society. He changed the world with his Vmbany do if the world is still continued. God bless his soul

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