Ordos Art Museum / DnA

© Ruogu Zhou
© Ruogu Zhou

Architects: DnA
Location: Ordos, Inner Mongolia
Project team: Tiantian Xu,Guillaume Aubry,Yingnan Chen
Program: Museum
Client: Ordos Jiangyuan Water Engineering Co. Ltd
Design year: 2005-2006
Construction year: 2006-2007
Site area: 420 sqm
Building area: 270 sqm
Photographs: Savoye/Ruogu Zhou, Iwan Baan

© Iwan Baan © Iwan Baan © Ruogu Zhou © Ruogu Zhou

Ordos Art Museum is the first building of Ordos’ new civic center on a stretch of sand dunes along the lake that is dedicated as a “public corridor” with art and cultural facilities. This 29,000 sq.ft. of exhibition and research space is distributed within an undulating form with a central span lifting clear off the ground, suggesting a desert viper winding over the dunes.

© Iwan Baan
© Iwan Baan
ground floor plan
ground floor plan

The space is conceived as one uninterrupted room with a series of openings absorbing natural light while offering cinematic views of the raw surroundings; the art exhibition mingles with the natural landscape that becomes an integrated experience for views.

Cite: "Ordos Art Museum / DnA" 17 Sep 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=35181>
  • stan


  • http://www.ft3arc.com Fino

    Pretty extraordinary spaces being made, with the natural light slicing through spaces and reflecting beautifully off of the various surface conditions. This project seems very balanced. Meditated and balanced.

  • http://www.garalysoka.com oscar falcón lara

    I like how every side of the museum has ‘views’, the plan itself screams exploration and the exterior cladding and construction are top notch. The staircase leading to the upper levels is amazing.

  • pi

    veeery nice :]

  • drewmerkle

    surely there was a better place to locate the mechanical systems and piping, than on the front facade along the path leading to the main entry…?

    • wejie

      agree with it



  • fengfeng

    dear tiantian,nice job!

  • ayan13

    非常舒服的建筑。Great Work! 加油!

  • H. Huang

    great!! would like to see it by my own eyes~

  • navy

    wonderfully,I will look it personally if have a chance!

  • Tuf-Pak

    I’ve always thought that this project is a great mediation between the idea and the technological and detailing concessions that you have to make when doing projects in China.

  • chennobody


  • X


  • Jack huang


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  • dashen

    Ordos, a town in north china, is now suffering the real estate bubble. It’s not architect’s responsibility. physically, it’s even a pretty good design. But I doubt little would use this building.

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