Mayor Bloomberg Announces Winner of adAPT NYC Competition

“My Micro NY” Winter © nycmayorsoffice/Flickr

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced the winner of adAPT NYC - a city-sponsored competition that challenged developer-led teams to design an innovative micro-apartment that responds to 21st century housing problems. With an all time high of 8.4 million people, and an expected million more by 2030, New York City’s shortfall of affordable one and two person apartments is continuing to grow at a staggering rate. In an effort to solve this imbalance, the winner of adAPT NYC will build an experimental project on a piece of city-owned land in Kips Bay, Manhattan, that has been alleviated from the 1987 density restriction that requires all new apartments to be greater than 400 square feet.

“The growth rate for one- and two-person households greatly exceeds that of households with three or more people, and addressing that housing challenge requires us to think creatively and beyond our current regulations,” said Bloomberg.

So, who won adAPT NYC? Find out after the break!

“My Micro NY” Fall © nycmayorsoffice/Flickr

Succeeding 33 international proposals and providing an innovative housing model for New York City’s micro-apartments, a team consisting of Monadnock Development LLC, Actors Fund Housing Development Corporation and was selected as winner of the adAPT NYC competition. Construction on the pilot project will begin by the end of the year and residents are expected to move in by 2015.

Fairly reminiscent of Claude Prouvé’s Experimental Building of SIRH, the innovative design provides for all the basic needs of a one and two person household in New York. Titled “My Micro NY”, the proposal includes 55 micro-units between 250 and 370 square feet on a well connected site in Manhattan. Here, it will be the first multi-family building to utilized modular construction, as all components will be prefabricated in a facility at the Brooklyn Navy Yards.

“My Micro NY” Interior © nycmayorsoffice/Flickr

The easily replicated prototype will feature flexible interiors with 10 foot ceilings, balconettes, large windows, ample storage and well-designed shared meeting spaces, such as a great lobby for entertaining and a lush rooftop garden.

“We’re thrilled at the chance of designing a housing prototype that will give New Yorkers in small spaces a sense of living in a larger social fabric,” said Eric Bunge, Principal of nARCHITECTS.

“My Micro NY” Floor Plan © nycmayorsoffice/Flickr

As a way to help New Yorkers “think small”, the Museum of the City of New York is opening an exhibit Wednesday called “Making Room: New Housing for New Yorkers.”

This concept is rapidly gaining popularity in many dense cities. Following the footsepts of Tokyo and Hong Kong, who have long offered tiny units, San Francisco recently approved construction of apartments as small as 220 square feet.

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  • du

    How old idea used in Unite d’Habitation in Marseille or Narkomfin building almost 100 years ago responds to 21st century housing problems?

  • noname artist

    Yea, and the metabolist movement to say the least.

  • pascal reymond

    Thank you new york this is young and new .

  • Tzero

    new idea?

  • cheyneo

    Why all the negitivity? Would you prefer a 3d printed housing block?

    I like the shifts and color tone. It would be nice to see an overall section, interested in how the shafts relate to the unit shifting.

    • Nguyen Gia Huy

      Why don’t you arrange it in a square box for saving more money, that is NY right? So it is just like Marseille house of Corbusier, a small normal layout, a small normal plan, normal construction method but I still wonder Is that lader front of the closet’s door? So why don’t you express the lader in the perspective view? Do you want to hide some things? You khow, your ideas is only just fine but nothing is outstanding.

      • Japs

        try zooming-in to the layout detail, most of the furniture are flexible with clean outside look. The lader can be hidden behind closet door, duh?! so it wont make any disturbance not in use. The furniture solution reminds me of IKEA where all things are foldable. :)
        Its a step for dense urban habitation. Dont like it? well, nobody’s forcing u to live there. i see stacking of the Unit, i would like to know more of its structural solution…

      • Nguyen Gia Huy

        “Nobody’ forcing u to live there” really ? Are u an architect?

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  • T

    I’m an architect(in training) living in NYC and can say that this idea is absolutely crucial to the development and habitability of the city. For the haters saying the idea isn’t original, you’re right, it’s not original, it doesn’t have to be, it’s more about the issues. Maybe so many of you forgot that architecture can sometimes solve real, actual issues in our world and these solutions aren’t always going to be revolutionary. This competition is all about problem and solution, nARCHITECTS just put a nice face on the solution and I think it’s a great proposal that(if executed) will legitimately help raise the standard of living in NYC. I’m young and naive, but after 2 years in the field I’m finding that designers need to push and progress the pragmatic issues sometimes to show the world we have purpose.

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  • Nguyen Gia Huy

    I’ve never say that the ideas is bad, I mean it’s old. I thought the winning of NYC competition have to be better than this. As you can see that they have 2 type of apartment but they are all the same form even structure, yes! that’s good for construction. But as the design, it’s facade is not a flat face so do the inside construction and that will be difficult to build, but for what ? For beauty? We have a lot of way to decorate the facade as T said “…put a nice face on the solution…”, of course it sometimes make a “miracle” as the Stacking Green House for example. But I have to say the My Micro NY’s facade is not a “miracle”, not oustanding too, just only good so how can it be the winner in NYC which the biggest city on the world. I have seen some projects and ideas which was very innovated and creative before so I thought the NYC’ winner must be a “monster ideas” but now I am disappointed I guest.

  • Esteban Guillermo Urdampilleta

    Una búsqueda que no reconoce límites espaciales ni temporales: ¿cómo resolver las necesidades habitacionales en la ciudad?

  • Justin

    Nguyen, Instead of harping on the fact that My Micro NY’s architecture is not original or innovative, why don’t you share what you have experienced and seen so that we can all can understand and learn what you are talking about. No great ideas can be improved upon if people keep it to them selves.

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