Diller Scofidio + Renfro win competition for the new Image and Audio Museum in Rio de Janeiro

Winner: Diller Scofidio + Renfro
Winner: Diller Scofidio + Renfro

A restricted competition for a new museum in the middle of one of the most iconic places in , the Avenida Atlantica at Copacabana, has just been awarded.

The building will host the Museu da Imagen e de Som (Image and Audio Museum), that as of now is desegregated through the city in separate offices. The new building will host in one place facilities for the conservation and study of the brazilian visual heritage, along with a state-of-art museum.

The competition included the local practice Bernardes & Jacobsen, that has been previously featured on ArchDaily, along with Sao Paulo´s Isay Weinfeld (see his previous works featured on AD), Brasil Arquitetura and Tacoa Arquitetos. On the international side we have the regulars Daniel Libeskind and Diller Scofidio + Renfro, along with the japanese architect Shigeru Ban.

Just when I was writing this post, I found that the competition was awarded to Diller Scofidio + Renfro, at a ceremony held today.

I´ve heard a lot of buzz about this competition in Twitter and Facebook from our brazilian readers, it seems to be generating a lot of debate as of now. And it´s very obvious, as the building will be erected on a very iconic avenue, at a close distance from Museum of Modern Art by Affonse Eduardo Reidy and the Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum by Brazilian master Oscar Niemeyer.

Not much to say about the winning entry by DS+R, it´s just another project along their line. But it´s not just the jury who voted unanimously for their project, they also won a reader´s poll at the main Brazilian news site O Globo.

And Libeskind… seriously?

My vote goes to Isay Weinfeld. And yours?

Images from all the projects so you can be the judge, after the break.

Cite: Basulto, David. "Diller Scofidio + Renfro win competition for the new Image and Audio Museum in Rio de Janeiro" 10 Aug 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 27 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=31828>
  • http://www.rodolfoprata.com Rodolfo Prata

    My vote: Isay Weinfeld.

  • Khanut

    If only look at the outside,
    I think Isay Weinfeld’d done well for not jumping off of the context.
    But DS and R’s building facade is really attactive btw.

  • hbchbc

    The committee made a right decision.

  • andreas

    they probably made the right choice, but these are garbage! is that libeskind one a joke?

    • http://www.talkitect.com Lucas Gray

      Libeskind hasn’t come out with an original design since the Jewish museum in Berlin. Every project he does is joke – just a rehash of an old idea.

      • sullka

        on that note same for DS+R, that continous strip thing is overly used in their scheme, this one is less “curvy” and more “angular”, I do like it.

        The proposal by BRASIL arquitectura looks good also.

        I think Shigeru Ban office messed up, they sent their proposal for a museum in _________ (fill the blank with any middle eastern country)

      • stefan pinheiro

        wow, Lucas. I worked for Libeskind and you don’t really know what goes on in the office. There are ALL fresh, philosophical, rich ideas, my friend.

  • bill

    I prefer the one by Bernardes & Jacobsen for its seemingly simplicity that blend in with the surrounding.

    • http://www.talkitect.com Lucas Gray

      I agree. This is my favorite as well.

    • http://drmukti.blogspot.com/ Marcio C. Campos

      I agree. This is the best one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Denver-CO/KUNG-architecture/77524147846 Gosia Kung, AIA

    I have never seen so many bad entries! I’d say Isay Weinfeld, but really… Slim pickin’

    • jr


  • imagine

    i think the winner deserves, i like that project and the dynamic elevetion.

  • http://tantisofyans@gmail.com tanti

    is that really libeskind’s??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • flip

      yeah.. its a slashing building.. thats libeskind’s.. the worst ever..

  • theotherside

    libeskind’s building is fit on the site.
    if the site in the disney land!!
    cmooonn libeskind…

  • theChavacano

    Isay Weinfeld and Bernardes & Jacobsen are my choices, and the the winner in third, even I love Isay Weinfeld´s design I´am not sure if is too sober for the purpose of the museum, anyway, judging for the renders the winner´s image it look apropiate for the purpose of the building. I will love to see some plans and interior renders.

  • theChavacano

    And bye the way, Libeskind is becoming senil?

  • Juan

    I definitely go with the jury!!!! DS+R produced interesting proposal. i do not believe the location nor the expression of the building have anything to do with the great Niemeyer building. Of course one imagines how Libeskind arrive to that stage with so many good Brasilian Architects today, but things are strange sometimes, he might have believed that MIAMI and Rio shar the same colours? JUA!
    Tacoa Arquitetos or Bernardes & Jacobsen, if I may I do not agree with David about Isay Weinfeld she seems to much for me as a Koolhaas wannabe, and to be honest, there’s enough one Koolhaas in the world: a great architect and thinker but not a formal expression to follow.

    • Julie

      I don’t agree that Isay is a Koolhaas wannabe. Definitely.

  • walter

    …I think this kind of overdeisgned-digitalized project are the last trends before the economic downturn……hopefully!

  • walter

    ….about Libeskind proposal….I think he has spend and give to the architectural community a lot in terms of theory and speculative projects…..know that he dealing most with constructions and “commercial” is getting naive project after project…..

    • http://www.talkitect.com Lucas Gray

      I completely disagree. What theory has Libeskind given to the architectural community? How to build inappropriately by disregarding context? Or perhaps the theory that an overly complex form for no reason that creates useless space while costing tax payers millions of dollars is a good idea for a city? Hit buildings aren’t even beautiful. He is like an angular Gehry or Hadid without any of the whimsical elegance.

      • Tuf-Pak

        To his credit, I really think that Libeskind’s paper projects (his pre-architecture drawings etc…) are really powerful and thoughtful.

        I think he translated that style of paper thinking pretty well in the Berlin museum (given the 10 years he worked on the schematic designs, I should hope so).

        Since then he’s fashioned himself as a form-maker…and i hate to say, he’s really bad at it. In that respect I wholly agree with you, his architecture has become comical.

        If you ask me, he would be better served as a John Hejduk, or Archigram… one or two projects and more drawings. This building seems so thin it’s an embarrassment.

  • http://www.variousarchitects.no Jim Dodson

    Congrats DS+R! Clearly the best of the bunch. Love the external circulation up the facade.

  • nindya

    scofidio did the good job.their building is just beautiful too see and a great place to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.bravo!

  • Partick Bateman

    without seeing the interiors its hard to make a judgement, but if we are judging on a pretty facade (which seems to happen most of the time) then i’d go for Isay Weinfeld .

    the rest bar Diller Scofidio + Renfro are dross. Especially Libeskind.

  • Mahmoud

    Looks like they have selected a project with that goes with the current trends… the winner has the best approach but looks wiered within the surround. Again in elevational and form criteria, the ISay’s fit the best I see.. Libeskind? may be a first year college sketch pulled out of the drawer?

  • dtdayan

    libeskind has exhausted his design originality

  • tsiaz

    seriously think D. Libeskind has landed it lucky getting the publicity he has to date, he really is one of the most over rated architects, and this scheme here proves he has on one string to his bow, and its broken.

  • http://k1mp.wordpress.com/ kimbo

    classic atmosphere and endless harmonies would be in my mind when placing todays dose of archdaily in musing a common thought mode, on~designing an ‘image and audio museum’…not one comment as yet on this aspect of the design just goes to prove how purveyors of image~only~non~masters of the compass are in this age of technology. I have to say, the acoustics of another Libeskind; Manchester Imperial War Museum, implement atmosphere and harmony befittingly when applied to internal ‘en plein air’ audio education programmes, by flying voices and sound effects that duck and dart through the building endlessly, in a manner much suited to this gargantuan message medium.

  • Ohoud

    God Libeskind is so out of context and the building seems like a primites collage!

    Scofidio deserves the win, Isay Weinfeld is also pretty good and merges well with the site yet the spiral staircase is a bit misplaced…

  • marina

    i cannot deny that DS+R is the best one. the project fits perfectly on the site. i like isay’s approach as well, however, the external circulation seems to be diminished. it’s out of proportion in my opinion.

  • jp

    wowwww Daniel Libeskind’s is a complete JOKE. It’s laughable, sad, and childish.

    Brasil Arquitetura isn’t much better.

    i agree with the chosen winner

  • chris

    my vote goes to DS+R.

    All of these schemes paid little or no attention to the site where some interesting things could have been done with exterior space. DS+R and Bernard & Jacobsen did some interesting exterior spaces but I think they could have done alot better.

  • Javier Pes

    delighted to see that Diller and Scofido have been able to recycle a design first prepared for a media centre in New York City that never got built. This one’s more angular. Still, rather a lot of glass and other hard surfaces for a sound and video museum. But who needs form to fit function?

  • LucasAbreu

    I reckon the idea here was to make the museum to show up.
    Weinfeld’s proposal fits well on the site, that’s the problem.
    Meanwhile, Diller Scofidio + Renfro’s proposal does the opposite, but at the same time has a sort of connection with the surroundings.
    That’s why my vote goes to the winner!

    Besides, even though Europe, US, Japan… have seem lots of this kind of architecture, Brazilians haven’t.

  • arch
    • LucasAbreu

      Quite interesting interiors.

  • krush

    Diller Scofidio all the way!

  • salvadore

    i agree with the result but dont be so silly with libeskind. after berlin museum he didnt even want to change his concept. it is his own (bad or good) architecture. like ghery or hadid. its not the best but libeskind is really cool. if u think at it, only for having the courage to compete with this. i totaly respect him.

    • Sean Algrynne

      I don’t see how anyone can respect an architect like Libeskind who paid another architect to design his own home in New York. He’s a total fraud and hypocrite. His own shoddy architecture looks dumb a week after it opens so he paid a more professional designer to take care of his apartment.