Controversial Frank Lloyd Wright-Designed Island For Sale

  • 14 Nov 2012
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Courtesy of AHALife, via Architizer

It turns out the David Wright House isn’t the only unusual (and controversial) Frank Lloyd Wright-designed gem on the market.

Petre Island (sometimes called Petra Island) is an 11-acre, heart-shaped island 47 miles from Manhattan. While Wright hand-picked the site himself in 1949, and drew up plans for a 5,000 square foot ”dream house” the following year, budget concerns forced him to scale down his vision, resulting in the construction of a smaller guest cottage.

Fast-forward 53 years later, and the island’s new owner, John Massaro, decided to make those long-sitting plans reality;  he hired architect and Wright scholar Thomas Heinz, who used ArchiCAD to model aspects of Wright’s design that weren’t obvious from the original renderings and updated the house with some modern amenities.

While the Foundation refuses to accept the house as authentic (they even tried to sue Massaro for claiming so), that hasn’t stopped AHALife, the web site featuring the island for sale, from proudly selling the “spectacular Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house” for $19,900,000 USD.

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Courtesy of AHALife, via Architizer

The picturesque island, home to acres of 200-year old beech trees, sits in the middle of Lake Mahopac in New York’s Putnam County – about an hour and a half’s drive from Manhattan, but only a 15 minute helicopter ride (the residence, of course, has its own helipad on the roof).

Courtesy of AHALife, via Architizer

Typical “Wright” details include an enormous cantilever deck (the largest ever designed by Wright), wood-burning fireplaces, custom-built woodwork (whittled from African Mahogany), and the considerable integration of nature. In fact, the house was built around the island’s natural rock formations: a 12-foot-high, 60-foot-long rock forms the exterior of the house’s entry and a long interior wall, while a smaller “tail rock” encloses the bathroom and kitchen.

Story via Architizer , AHALife , and Wikipedia 

Courtesy of AHALife, via Architizer
Courtesy of AHALife, via Architizer
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  • Anna

    The attitude of the Wright Foundation does seem to owe a lot to the (rather Randian) vision of the starchitect as a sole and singular genius. Which any one who has ever worked in an office will know is nonsense.

  • alex

    i think its fantastic that they (have or want to??) create Wrights original idea.
    they are right not to credit it as original but its still fantastic that they did it and who better than a Wright scholar

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