David Wright House Again in Danger of Demolition

  • 13 Nov 2012
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Just when we thought the saga was over, a whole new chapter has begun.

The David Wright House, an unusual home in Arizona that Frank Lloyd Wright designed for his son, has been in danger since July, when the developer-owners announced their plans to tear it down and split the lot in two. After considerable hubbub caused by preservationists, and an online petition that received thousands of votes, enough pressure was put on the Pheonix City Council to delay demolition until they could vote on whether or not to confer Landmark Designation on the house (this would delay demolition for another three years, but not safeguard the house from demolition).

However, the point became moot when a preservation-minded buyer swooped in to save the day. Now, just two weeks later, the buyer has backed out.

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According to the Phoenix Business Blog, who spoke with Robert Joffe, the Real Estate Agent in charge of the deal, the mystery buyer has, for unexplained “personal and business reasons,” called the deal off.

Joffe now needs to sell the house before December 4th, the new date for the Pheonix City Council’s vote. The house is back on the market, again at the asking price of $2.38 million dollars. Any takers?

Story via the Phoenix Business Blog

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  • http://Walt Walt

    Hmmm… Duchamp’s “The Scream” recently sold for $120 million.
    Queue: Is architecture art arguements ? Again.

    • urbaneddie

      Actually that was Edvard Munch’s painting.

  • Jimmuh

    Where’s Brad Pitt when we need him? Chump change for his entourage…..

  • Ryan

    I’m sure we could find 23,800 architects keen to stump up $100 for a share in this house.

  • Not Frank Lloyd Wright

    Who cares? Anyone who actually knows anything about FLW knows he was an asshole who didn’t care about anyone but himself, why care about him?