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Greeen! Architects shared their competition proposal for a new library and office building for the University Duisburg-Essen, in .  The young architectural practice specifically  focuses on ecological and sustainable design approaches.  For their proposal, a large ecological complex intends to “create a place where city and university are woven together.”

More about the proposal after the break.


The “Bibliosphere”, a transparent and naturally ventilated environment, provides a dominant focal point for the complex.  The strong element differs from its surroundings and “becomes a unique city- and landmark.”   The facade of the sphere is orientated toward the city and  implements a variety of ecological strategies to provide a comfortable atmosphere for users.  The reading rooms benefit from natural ventilation and lighting, solar protection and generous view of the cityscape.


The project aims to acheieve a gold certification through the German Sustainable Building Council. By using renewable energy ressources and avoiding fossil fuels, the complex’s energy consuption is more than 50% less in comparison to actual German standards.


Cite: Cilento, Karen. "Bibliosphere / Greeen! Architects" 15 Jul 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 30 May 2015. <>
  • p.yanev

    plans ? sections ?

  • jean claude

    Wow,,,i think it is not so diffculut to imagine the plans and the sections of this “progressive”design

  • mark

    Plans and sections are defintly needed to even remotely understand this design. a section is the most important information drawings. “pretty” 3ds are meaningless

  • Filipe (colombia)


  • PanamArq

    a golf ball?

  • darius

    whats up with every architect trying to make ugly spheres totally detached from the landscape.

  • Luis

    very nice project…Very nice drawings…unfortunally we couldn´t seen the sections plans and the site plan…bad abstraction panamarq…. it doesn´t look a golf ball…it´s new..

  • Luis

    on the their website u can find the site plan

  • Taylorius

    I think it’s more like the Death Star than a golf ball. Where’s Darth Vader’s office?

  • Emilio


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  • Omar

    Looks like an OMA project

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  • Sonus

    reminds me of Olympus city from Appleseed…

  • Medox25

    It realy looks like some Boulle project, but my question is why?
    And I agree we wanna see Dart’s office :)

  • iziqis

    Need more details ( diagrams on eco strategies etc. ) for this project. This is more like an introduction or something.