Pritzker Prize Ceremony: Peter Zumthor

A few minutes ago, the Pritzker Award ceremony took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This year, the prize was awarded to swiss architect Peter Zumthor.

Our correspondent Martin Bravo was there and sent us this photos of the event:

Cite: Basulto, David. "Pritzker Prize Ceremony: Peter Zumthor" 29 May 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 22 May 2015. <>
  • L.J

    This is good good stuff AD. Thanks for the update.

  • zcardis


  • alegaddor


  • nick

    I just wanna be one of them. that’s funny and Congratulations!


    fuck no black man in that ceremony it’s just a Status Quo Award

  • Jason

    Well deserved!

  • pedja

    …We salute you…

  • Robert

    Great to see him getting the attention he deserves!

  • Opium

    The Lionel Messi of architecture…congratulations Peter Zumthor,simply brilliant. Help us get rid of the Cristiano Ronaldos of architecture(zaha hadid,morphosis,liebskind,gehry..)

  • conspicuously absent

    “no black man in that ceremony”

    good point DHDA STUDIO!

    I guess post-racial means I should stop noticing the conspicuous absence

  • M

    I´m like you, DHDA Studio: too many white people makes me itchy… I need some colour to feel comfortable. An award ceremony in Senegal with an all black ensemble in the audience and David Adjaye receiving the prize would be perfect!

  • RemKool

    So conservative…. just minimalist

    Mies in 2009 ? He is a justa a good carpenter

  • 16:08:78

    Been the winner of the Pritzker Award must feel like Christmas morning only better…. Congrats!!!

    *The bold man reminds me of Dana Carvey’s Turtle Man. HIP HIP HIP

  • z

    i like his collarless jacket!
    Sorry if I’m not with it but who is the spectacled man next to Shigeru Ban(?)?

  • Opium

    I’m happy that i was able to make you speak in the sixth most spoken language in the world.And in my overwhelmed by the fluency in which you express your self in it…as for zumthor being just a good carpenter…well jesus was also just a good

  • Kalinka

    Happy? Now Tumakov’s obscenities reach way more people than before… does this make you happy?

  • kingmu

    Heart felt congrats.

    I feel sorry for DHDA Studio. Time to grow up and take the good with the bad.

  • kingmu

    As I read over these responses (and SO many others from previous posts)…

    I genuinely think it’s time ArchDaily simply posts their wonderful notices… and simply eliminates the option to ‘respond.’

    I don’t think these nasty responses do anyone any good.

    Just learning of the various bits of news is plenty for me. I really don’t feel the need to respond OR read some of these very nasty, sad people.

  • David Basulto [tricky]


    The most important part of AD are the comments. We try to be very objective, present the facts… and let our readers start the discussion. Architects are very good at debating (in a good sense), and we provide this space for archs around the world to gather and discuss.

    We are working on a comment rating system which will be available in a few days, that will allow our readers to moderate the discussions.

  • davvid

    the smart,the dumb,the docile,the hostile – COMMENT IS KING -learn to love it.

  • Robert

    I agree with David. Commenting is very important and I like how a debate can begin. There is not enough proper debate in Architecture about the issues that really matter. I commend AD for the quality of the content.

    Who cares who was in the audience and what they might or might not have looked like. What matters is that the architectural world finally recognised Peter Zumthor as a great Architect.

    Some say he is just a great carpenter. If this implies he makes things then great because it is lot more than some Architects can do. He is still engaging with some of the core values of architecture long since ignored by the other Starchitects. Might an accusation be levelled at Gehry, Cook, and Hadid that they are just good renderers?

  • Richie

    More architects should start as craftsmen, in my opinion..

  • Comitant

    So Kingmu wants to post but doesn’t want others to post.
    Meanwhile, we’re having fun on here. Check out the MAD project to see how a discussion evolved. Sure, most of the time the comments are somewhat pointless (“I don’t like it”) but often little gems show up. Is someone forcing you to read these comments?

    David, as far as ratings…how about a series of rating for buildings? This amazing site is about buildings, not comments. ArchDaily is the spot for so-called “discussions.”

    You could have ratings such as tectonics, aesthetics, innovation, and functionality up to 5 stars. Everyone seems to want to give their like or dislike to projects via the comments… With a registration system, you could also track what a certain user likes along with various comparisons.

    Perhaps one day there will be the yearly ArchDaily Prize ;)

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  • -zMx-


  • Marshall L.

    “Might an accusation be levelled at Gehry, Cook, and Hadid that they are just good renderers?”

    Amen, Robert! Few architects have ever been able to marry materiality, form, and authenticity quite like Peter Zumthor. There is something sublime yet earthly about his designs. Everything is just kind of at peace.

    Bravo and congratulations, Peter.

  • francis

    Smart-a mood – Does our seeming Zen-esque tofu eating guru walk on water? I suspect none of the above, but PZ might as well be for he’s definitely the “architects’ architect”.
    Normal mood – Architecture chose him; as fame have. For many others; it has been the opposite. His work has the innocence of the true. There are others out there …. other beacons … but today – PZ is the MAN!
    Party mood – it’s Mr. Zumthor’s day, time for celebrating … before returning him to making great architecture. Congratulations!!!
    Future mood – a knighthood for his services to architecture. Please? Where’s his professorship?

  • Bo Lucky

    @David Basulto
    In general I agree that comments are important. Debating may also be very useful if constructive. However I don’t see any benefits from reading plain posts with “F” words, or from an exchange of insulting remarks between “architects”. Freedom of expression? This site is moderated based on some kind of a principle that I do not understand. Some constructive comments are retained for “moderation” and posts with “F” words are proudly displaying their contents… is this a discussion? What kind of a “moderation” is it? Can you explain what’s moderated? What are principles here? … in foreign language everything goes??? There is a fine line between freedom of expression and a hate speech…

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