Past works of Zaha Hadid to exhibit in Italy

Our friends from Minimalismi shared with us this info. This October, Zaha Hadid will exhibit her best works in an at the Salone of the Palazzo della Ragione in the Italian city of Padova.

The Palazzo has presented itself as a vigorous design challenge for Zaha Hadid due to the historical quality of the space. The aim has been both to respect the spatial / contextual characteristics and to intervene in the space at the same time. The undulating blocks, whose forms are defined by the rules of breaking and continuity, generate 6 distinct islands within themselves. Each of these islands define the Conceptual Morphologies of the ZHA exhibition concept, namely: (1) Lines/Bundles/Networks, (2) Waves/Shells/Cocoons, (3) Aggregations/Clusters/Jigsaws, (4) Fields, (5)Landscape & Topography, and (6) Parametricism.

More images after the break.

Cite: Jordana, Sebastian. "Past works of Zaha Hadid to exhibit in Italy" 06 May 2009. ArchDaily. Accessed 30 May 2015. <>
  • Opium

    What a crimeeeeeeee….good god…i’ve been in this building and it just beautiful…leave it alone zaha for heaven’s sake

  • Daniel Con

    whats the problem??? its temporary isn’t it?

  • archdork

    it’s conceptually great exhibition. But I would have appreciated zaha’s works so much more if she was an artist.

  • Sissie

    architect’s kind of artist,isn’t it?

  • Felipe

    We just love Zaha`s Projects and the way her work is exhibited there looks just like her..

    more zaha`s works.,com_seyret/Itemid,27/id,118/task,videodirectlink/

  • BS

    I think it’ll be an interesting intervention. Especially since its likely a temporary one.
    Are some of those blocks furniture? Benches for the low long blocks..

  • Fino

    Hm. I wonder how a person on crutches or in a wheelchair can experience this exhibit. From what I see, it seems like it would be nearly impossible or just plain dangerous.

    that is all.

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  • Terry Glenn Phipps

    This is Zaha Hadid’s best work? This is what she presents in the Palace of Reason? Sorry, while I admire her and the quality of her thought, the quality of her work is just, well, horrific. What on earth is the point of this? Why? Why? Why? It just makes no sense whatsoever.

    Terry Glenn Phipps

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  • Lucas Gray

    Am I missing something or are people just posting random quotes from the article without adding anything?

    That being said, I kind of like the exhibit which is strange because I tend to hate most of Zaha’s buildings. She was a great painter back in the day (maybe she still is) but her architecture seems to be slowly devolving into blobs with no relation to place.

  • oyerinde oyesina

    Enof Respect!
    Blobs or future forms!
    Lets appreciate her work
    Its all about evolution, and changing to meet trends whether personal or societal!

  • maya

    I’m going to italy this october…when is the exact date of october?