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Autodesk Autocad for Mac OS X

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Update: Autodesk AutoCAD for Mac OSX has been confirmed and will be shipped in October. More info here.

When I switched to Mac, I had to figure out how to run Windows on it, as the CAD (CAM) software I use the most wasn´t available for that platform: Autocad. It has been years since that and Autodesk never show any indications of an upcoming Mac OSX version, so i gave up on waiting  and tried other solutions: Vectorworks, Sketchup, even Illustrator!… but I always missed Autocad.

But today a friend told me Autodesk sent him an email asking to complete a survey for their next generation of Autocad products for Mac OSX.

Some interesting questions appear on the survey, such as the importance of the command line, how do you plot (from model/layout), 3d capabilities and the relevance of an Autocad LT version.

Well, it seems Autocad for OSX will be available on the future… we just don´t know when.

You can take the survey here and help Autodesk shape this version.

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