Autodesk AutoCAD for Mac OSX in October, iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch versions announced

AutoCAD for Mac

It all began last year when Autodesk sent a survey to its customers asking how they imagined AutoCAD for Mac OSX. Then, back in May, we saw an early preview of the software running on Mac. This was a leaked version, and didn’t say anything (we asked!) about it.

But today, Autodesk issued a press release confirming it: Autodesk AutoCAD for Mac OSX will be available to the public in October, at a MSRP of $3,995 (same as the PC version – Autodesk Education Community version available for free).

The announcement also included a free mobile version of AutoCAD for mobile devices, specifically for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

And this announcements clarifies some things. Back in May we sat down with Phil Bernstein, VP of Industry Relations & Strategy at Autodesk, and talked about AEC software, social networks and the cloud.

Phil said something very interesting in regards to integration of Autodesk software: “3 screens: computer, cloud and mobile”. More than new, standalone versions for mobile devices, Autodesk is pushing forward the integration of workflow and collaboration across their software (not only Autocad), a move in which the cloud will play a key role. A hint of this was seen earlier in Autodesk Butterfly (part of Project Bluestreak), a technology developed by Autodesk Labs.

This move will sure change a lot of things. Collaboration, SaaS (Software as a Service), and eventually lower costs, among others.

You can pre-order a AutoCAD for Mac starting tomorrow.

Revit for Mac? Let the rumors begin.

Cite: Basulto, David. "Autodesk AutoCAD for Mac OSX in October, iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch versions announced" 31 Aug 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 26 May 2015. <>
  • bill

    Great — what next? Pacman for OS X? Autocad is 28 years old. Yeesh.

    • silentbee


  • Francesco

    And outrageously expensive… We are testing bricscad for linux, really nice powerful and honestly priced, but obviously many architects feel more shiny and fashionable if they can have overpriced apples on their desks, so maybe they deserve autocad as well

  • Filip

    Shouldn’t people in the design field CARE about the tools they use and good design or do you want your clients to not care about your designs the same way you don’t care about your tools (which have been designed, both software and hardware)?

    Hopefully this leads to software like Ecotect and Revit being written for OS X and that they will stick with it for a while unlike Bentley which left a bunch of people in a lurch and in the uncomfortable position of having to change everything when they abruptly ended development for the Mac.

  • Francesco

    We do care a lot about our tools, and we are concerned with the technical, social and political aspects, that’s why we are pushing towards open source software and open standards. Some very expensive tools and pieces of hardware are not automatically high quality just due to their price, and besides we try not to confuse tools and design