Updated Plans released for Foster + Partner’s new Apple Campus in Cupertino

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Apple has released updated plans revealing an ambitions solar installation for their proposed campus in . Announced back in June, the campus will include an office, research and development building, research facilities, corporate auditorium, fitness center, a central plant and associated parking. Foster + Partners will collaborate with ARUP North America and local civil engineering firm Kier & Wright for the completion of the project.

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© Foster + Partners, ARUP, Kier + Wright, Apple

A solar canopy will cover most of the 750,000 square foot administration building and possibly a large portion of the 320,000 square foot parking garage, allowing for a 5 megawatt system that will provide most of the energy needed to power the headquarters. Once completed, the building will compete as one of the top corporate solar installations in the world and possibly the biggest installation in the United States. Apple is also constructing a 174 acre Solar plant at is data center facility in Maiden, North Carolina.

© Foster + Partners, ARUP, Kier + Wright, Apple

The updated plans remain consistent with the last project update in August, as the rounded building and vertical parking garage allows most of the campus to remain open green space, with 60% more trees and 90% less asphalt than the current site.

© Foster + Partners, ARUP, Kier + Wright, Apple

The City of Cupertino is reviewing public comment and compiling an Environmental Impact Report which will be assessed this spring. Although the details of the project seem promising, a 2.65 million square foot building must be demolished in order for the campus to be realized. This is one of a few issues being debated by the Cupertino City council.

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Cite: Rosenfield, Karissa. "Updated Plans released for Foster + Partner’s new Apple Campus in Cupertino" 12 Dec 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 29 May 2015. <http://www.archdaily.com/?p=191092>
  • 50crowley

    Did I somehow get transported back to the 70′s last night? Doughnut building in the forest? Really?
    As far as I can tell, this structure makes no attempt to relate to anything other than itself. When are these starchitects going to get it through their heads? Designing from the perspective of a helicopter almost always results in terrible buildings because PEOPLE live on the GROUND. Buildings should be conceived with the pedestrian as the primary focus, not as objects for Canadian Geese to admire as they migrate south.

  • http://photomemo.exblog.jp/ kou

    It’s interesting that this building of apple’s is being designed on a PC(windows probably).

    • Bopp

      What makes you think that’s the case? I saw some archicad alike imagery, which is available on mac.

  • Hillel Schocken

    One can hardly think of a more simplistic, uninspireingan downgight ridiculous scheme as this. With all that parking, Solar?!?green???

  • http://romanp.com RomanP

    I admire Foster’s work as much as Apple’s, but this building appears dysfunctional and bland.

    If I read the plans correctly, the outer radius is 700+ feet, meaning that the building is nearly a mile in circumference. The exercise might be
    nice, but these kinds of distances do not encourage inter-departmental cross fertilization or impromptu meetings.

    The underground tunnel ‘short-cuts’ makes it feel like a military installation, and a lack of sectional and plan variations in the torus are unlike Foster’s more humane building at the Standford Campus.

    The relation of the inner facade and the garden space could prove to be the building’s saving grace.

    • kukubee

      Don’t worry for them, Ronan. The staff will face-time across the building through a million built-in ipad-5 like there is no tomorrow. They don’t even have to leave their section to a meeting.

      Think technology.

    • Mikko

      Apple doesn’t necessarily want too much cross-fertilization. They’re notoriously secretive, even within the company. I believe that e.g. the original iPhone development was kept as completely as possible from everyone not directly involved in it at Apple.

  • sisifo

    i think the plans are being developed on revit… check the graphic symbols of the section heads, text, title of the drawing…

  • http://samlimaarchitecture.blogspot.com SJL

    This building is exactly what we don’t need more of. What could have been a building with a strong connection to a neighborhood, or even a neighborhood in and of itself, integrated with the community in several structures, is instead an incredibly elitist, arrogant, and by nature of its shape, disconnected edifice. What a missed opportunity!

  • the_Dude

    In my opinion, I think Ronan has a valid point, modern offices is all about informal communications and hap-hazard meetings… The shear size of this building is more like the Pentagon! I guess staff will keep fit!
    I do like the clear shape but would have been fun to create a “bite” out of the shape to suggest an entry point of some sort.

    We’ve worked with F+P (team 6) in the past, and they use MicroStation as their software on PCs…

  • jyanzi


  • Gisela Schmoll

    What s disconnect: a completely solar powered building that includes a parking garage almost half the size of the actual office space! I doubt the solar panels would offset the pollution of all those commuters in their cars. If Apple really wanted to be green, they’d move their building nearer to public transportation instead of placing it in the hinterland of Cupertino.

  • J Ingleby

    Steve Jobs never gets to see this finished, such a shame.

  • http://www.harding.com Paul Harding, FAIA

    I too admire Foster’s work, however this a rather bombastic, over scaled, banal building. Apple deserves better.

  • qwerty

    any idea of who the local architect(s) will be? and/or contractor(s)?

  • Dharmesh

    Patents are cost depended… how much one spends on not only research but also expenses for getting rights legalized. Great…

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  • RP

    steve jobs drove the main concepts for this design, bringing the apricot trees that used to exist on the site back while pushing a sustainable and simplistic design. At first the building was the combination of 3 circles, but a comment made by his son, saying it resembles men genitalia, changed the plan to the current one. Read the final chapters of his biography for more.