Department Store Roof Garden / YKH


Recently opened, SOM designed, Lotte Department Store Gwangbok branch in , requested Yamasaki Ku Hong Associates Design Lab (YKH) to modify the existing ‘roof garden’ to allow and amplify users to enjoy the spectacular view of Busan Port. Additionally, the client requested us to find a way to increase ‘brand identity’ and ‘sales volume’. Existing conditions of roof garden with two separate observatories were not efficiently designed and more importantly were not connected; there were a possibility to increase two floors of additional retail area. YKH have come up with a new idea called, ‘Way-Pod’; Way Pod is derived from I-Pod, creating a hardware that could evolve with time. Way-Pod is comprised of ‘Way’ – free of charge, elevated view corridor – and ‘Pod’ – with charge, entertainment hardware for fun, culture and event.


Way is also divided into six different ‘way’s: 1) Sol-way – allowing users to enjoy view of sunset; 2) Heal-way – allowing users to improve their health such as jogging trail; 3) Art-Way – allowing users to view exhibitions of art and entertainment; 4) View-way – allowing users to enjoy view of the Sea; 5) EQ-way – allowing users to increase their emotional quotient (EQ); 6)Tune-way – allowing users to increase their sense of music.


Pod, a new source of income for the department store is also divided into six different ‘pod’s: 1) Gig-pod – performing area; 2) Foodie-pod – Restaurant and café zone; 3) Kid-pod – place for kids; 4) Gem-pod – game area; 5) Edu-pod – educational shops and experience area; 6) Muse-pod – museums and art exhibition area.


Way and Pod are inter-mixed together to allow people to enjoy a new way of “entertainment”; this hardware & software architecture will be the first hybrid entertainment/observatory of its kind located on top of department store and will be a new prototype for retailers to mix shopping and culture together.

site plan

Architect: Yamasaki Ku Hong Associates Design Lab
Location: Nampo-dong, Jung-gu, Busan, Korea
Partner-in-charge: Tae Sun Hong, Won Jin Kim
Project Team: Jeong Yeon Lim, Dong Soo Jang, Ji Hyang Lee, Na Ra Youn
Program: Roof Garden, Observatory, Museum, Retail
Building Area: 19,835 sqm
Total Floor Area: 29,752 sqm

Cite: Henry, Christopher. "Department Store Roof Garden / YKH" 15 Jul 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 25 May 2015. <>
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