Architecture City Guide: Houston

Houston is our focus this week for our Architecture City Guide series.  We know Houston is packed with lots of great architecture so we are expecting to hear about your can’t miss buildings in the comment section below.  Remember this list is intended to be added to by you, our readers.  We will be updating our Architecture City Guides in the future to reflect your suggested buildings to visit.

Follow the break for our Houston list and corresponding map!

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Cite: Minner, Kelly. "Architecture City Guide: Houston" 12 Jan 2011. ArchDaily. Accessed 21 Sep 2014. <>


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    If you’re at the Menil Collection, you might as well go down the street to the Rothko Chapel – a collaboration between Mark Rothko and PJ, founded by the Menils.

    For another interesting meditative space, Houston also has a James Turrell Skyspace at the Live Oak Friends Meeting House, open Fridays for sunset.

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    Continuing the de Menil love: Francois de Menil’s Byzantine Fresco Chapel is an excellent solution to a fairly challenging problem and client (his mother).

    Because it’s tough to run out of PJ buildings to add to this list: His campus for University of St Thomas. Mies’s IIT + Jefferson’s UVA. Not done successfully, but bless his heart for trying.

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    The University of Houston, Hines College of Architecture building by Philip Johnson should make the list. As well as the Federal Reserve Branch by Michael Graves.

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    -The Federal Reserve is TERRIBLE. Seriously, it’s an embarrassment.
    -While people have different opinions of it, I think Discovery Green should make the list.
    -For better or worse, the Astrodome should be on the list.

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    While looking for a place to live in Houston, I saw a number of beautiful modernist homes.
    I also came across this resource for mod homes:

    Additionally, if anyone has any job leads for an intermediate architect….I need one – I’m moving next week!!!!

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    There is also a FLW house in Bunker Hill if you can find it! And the Architecture and Art Building at Prairie View A&M University by ROTO is worth the drive.

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    This article seriously needs better pictures, it does not capture the character of the buildings. Especially the Rothko Chapel.

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    JP Morgan Chase Building, previously the Gulf Building – the new Houston Ballet Center – Miller Outdoor Theater – Niels Esperson Building – Hobby Center – UH Downtown Campus – Methodist Hospital Outpatient Care Center – Post Rice Lofts – Bank of America Center – Sweeney, Coombs & Fredericks Building – Cotton Exchange Building – Wortham Tower – Sain Luke’s Medical Tower – Row on 25th, sometimes called the Monopoly Houses, by Hugh Newell Jacobsen

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