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New Building for Nursery and Kindergarten in Zaldibar / Hiribarren-Gonzalez + Estudio Urgari

Courtesy of Egoin Courtesy of Egoin Courtesy of Egoin Courtesy of Egoin + 29

Zaldibar, Spain

Zaldibar Kindergarten / VAUMM

Courtesy of VAUMM
Courtesy of VAUMM

The proposal for Zaldibar kindergarten by VAUMM is composed of two buildings, connected by playgrounds. The plan responds to a simple strategy of settlement on the site, which is to get the most out of this relationship between full and empty. The diversity of color and interior cladding, which can be used in each room, make contrast with the external image of two buildings designed to provide an oasis of calm in the stridency and disorder in the external environment. More images and architects’ description after the break.