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Photographer Yueqi “Jazzy” Li Captures the Dynamism of Mexico City's UNAM Campus

05:00 - 15 January, 2019
© Yueqi "Jazzy" Li
© Yueqi "Jazzy" Li

Although the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), south of Mexico City, is home to the well-known O’Gorman murals, it is, in fact, the campus itself, that is quite intriguing. Walking through UNAM, individuals find themselves in an architectural display of modernist buildings that date back 70 years, along with open courtyards, hidden walkways, and pavilions. Uniquely, the campus buildings have a little bit of everything: bold geometry, openness, abstraction, humanistic design, permeability with nature, decaying masonry walls, local lava rocks used as walls, and pavers throughout the campus.

© Yueqi "Jazzy" Li © Yueqi "Jazzy" Li © Yueqi "Jazzy" Li © Yueqi "Jazzy" Li + 29