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Yeezy Home: The Latest Architecture and News

11 Kanye West Albums Reimagined as Architecture

Designer Amaory B. Portorreal has produced a series of illustrations depicting houses inspired by the music of Kanye West. The series is in response to the hip-hop artist’s recent announcement that he would be launching a new architecture venture focusing on low-income housing.

More than a commentary on West’s interactions with architecture, the series presents an intriguing example of the connection between music and architecture, transitioning from a lyrical, melodic art form to one based on space and materiality.

College Dropout. Image © Amaory B. PortorrealLate Registration. Image © Amaory B. PortorrealGraduation. Image © Amaory B. Portorreal808's & Heartbreak. Image © Amaory B. Portorreal+ 12

Is This Yeezy Home 1.0? Kanye West Collaborator Teases Affordable Housing Project on Instagram

A post shared by Jalil Peraza (@jalilperaza) on

A month after Kanye West announced his intention to open an architecture venture, at the time named Yeezy Home, off the back of his fashion brand, it seems we may have the first glimpse of the type of buildings the rapper is hoping to create. Yesterday Jalil Peraza, a previous collaborator with West's design company DONDA and designer of the "Face Modules" pop-up retail concept, posted two images to his Instagram showing a building render alongside the caption "Low income housing scheme, made of prefabricated concrete in collaboration with Petra Kustrin, Jalil Peraza, Kanye West, Nejc Skufca."

Stop Talking Kanye: No More Defense for Kanye West

Since the publication of “Keep Talking Kanye: An Architect’s Defense of Kanye West” I have become an unwilling Kanye apologist. Each time he produces music that tempts us to use the moniker “creative genius” he quickly follows with an interview or tweet that makes him look like anything but. Invariably thereafter, a chain of text messages and emails with titles like “just to irritate you” or “come get your boy” begin to flood my inbox. My standard response is often no different from SNL’s Michael Che on Weekend Update: when presented with a headshot of Kanye and the caption “slavery was a choice” the comedian shakes his head and states simply, “Pass!” However, now that Kanye has once again entered the sphere of architectural discourse with a proposed new endeavor called “Yeezy Home” I am compelled to intervene once again with a more direct “put up or shut up” message.