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Apply now to join AA Visiting School Budapest 2019

Budapest-based Visiting School, is part of the world most prestigious and renowned architectural school - Architectural Association (AA). It will take place from the 2nd of August to 11th of August this year. In collaboration with prominent art and architectural institutions, such as FUGA, KÉK, IVANKA, and HELLO WOOD, all work will be exhibited during Budapest Design Week.

How 'Little Architect' is Connecting Children With the Future of Their Cities

Little Architect is a program at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London. Created in 2013, the program is focused on teaching architecture to primary school age children, obtaining amazing results with more than 2,400 children from different backgrounds receiving architectural lessons. They are especially focused on running their program in low-income areas and state schools in London.

"Our responsibility as architects is not just to design but also to bring architecture to society and to create an awareness about urban issues and contemporary architecture within the people who inhabit it," says Dolores Victoria Ruiz Garrido, author and director of the program.

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