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Unstable: The Latest Architecture and News

UNSTABLE’s P-Cube Illuminates VDNKh Park in Moscow

Commissioned by the Polytechnic Museum, P-Cube by Marcos Zotes and his studio UNSTABLE is a temporary pavilion at the center of VDNKh Park in Moscow, Russia. The project is a nine-meter tall, nine-meter wide cubic structure, that uses a scaffolding system covered in translucent fabric to create an experience that changes with the time of day.

Courtesy of Marcos ZotesCourtesy of Marcos ZotesCourtesy of Marcos ZotesCourtesy of Marcos Zotes+ 21

UNSTABLE's AMAZE Installation Takes Visitors on a Vivid Multisensory Journey

Courtesy of UNSTABLE
Courtesy of UNSTABLE

Colorful lights dance across translucent panels, illuminating the backdrop of Toronto’s glowing downtown high-rises. In their three-dimensional interactive installation entitled AMAZE, design and research laboratory UNSTABLE has created a multisensory experience like no other. Complex branching passageways challenge visitors to find their own path through the ever-changing structure, as if wandering through a vivid psychedelic dream. Becoming an integral part of the installation, visitors are met with dynamic shadows of the crowd and the urban landscape beyond before finding their way out of the maze.

Courtesy of UNSTABLECourtesy of UNSTABLECourtesy of UNSTABLECourtesy of UNSTABLE+ 18