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Are School Rankings a Thing from the Past? 16 Architecture Deans Criticize these Surveys in Official Statement

In a letter published on MIT's School of Architecture and Planning’s website, 16 deans from prominent architecture schools in the U.S, explain their position to stop participating in the annual survey that ranks universities. "Design education is not a popularity contest. Although generally our schools have been highly ranked in past DesignIntelligence reports and benefitted from the attention, we believe that it is time to stop participating", declares the statement signed by scholars, deans, and department chairs of MIT, Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, Yale, Rice, and UCLA, to name a few.

Stating clearly their position to boycott future ranking, the decision came after two years of informal discussions where the methodologies used behind these academic surveys were questioned, as well as their consequences. In fact, the letter adds that "however well-intentioned they may be, we believe that the DI rankings have the potential to create a disservice to the public". 

University of Miami Hosts Sustainability Workshop for High School Students

The University of Miami School of Architecture Center for Community and Urban Design (CUCD) teamed up with Miami-Dade County and an innovative builder of net-zero housing to talk resiliency and sustainability with students in the COAST Academy at Cutler Bay Senior High School.

Miami Marine Stadium and Basin

Miami Marine Stadium and Basin - Image 1 of 4
© Arseni Varabyeu

Miami Marine Stadium, designed by architect Hilario Candela in 1963, hosted many events – political rallies, boat races, concerts, church services, television shows, movie set for Clambake staring Elvis Presley, and was an important part of the Miami area until 1992 when it fell to disrepair. After much dialogue and arm twisting the Miami Marine Stadium is to be preserved many thanks to the Friends of Marine Stadium. Original architect Hilario Candela, along with Jorge Hernandez, Catherine Lynn and students from the University of Miami’s Architectural Preservation Studio, have created a concept for the revitalization which has been incoprated officially in the to the Virginia Key Masterplan. A hopeful 2012 grand re-opening is planned for this important local neighborhood civic plaza.

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