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WZMH Architects Designs Smart Screening and Testing Pod for COVID-19

The Citizen Care Pod is a new initiative for COVID-19 smart screening and testing, combining intelligent technology with a modular design. Led by the Citizen Care Pods Corporation, the multi-disciplinary team, consisting of Toronto based WZMH Architects, PCL Construction, Insight Enterprises, and Microsoft, collaborated to bring the project from concept to reality in less than a month.

Citizen Care Pod's rapid installation. Image Courtesy of the Citizen Care PodThe Citizen Care Pod is equipped with a suite of intelligent, customizable technologies like smart hand sanitizing stations that are powered by the trusted Microsoft Azure platform and Azure AI, which enable a safe and secure testing environment for patients and front-line healthcare workers.. Image Courtesy of the Citizen Care PodThe Citizen Care Pod is a true plug-and-play solution that can be rapidly installed with a forklift or positioned in place from a flatbed truck.. Image Courtesy of the Citizen Care PodPhysically distant testing and screening. Image Courtesy of the Citizen Care Pod+ 7

SOM's Timber Tower System Successfully Passes Strength Testing

The recent trend in timber-framed architecture may just be beginning.

SOM’s Timber Tower Research Project has passed a major milestone as the structural system has successfully completed strength testing that validate initial calculations. Launched in 2013, The Timber Tower Research project was established with the goal of developing a new structural system for skyscrapers that uses timber as its primary material. Using these techniques, the research team estimates that the embodied carbon footprint of buildings can be reduced by 60 to 75 percent when compared to a benchmark concrete building.