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Tenerife: The Latest Architecture and News

Saint John Baptist Chapel / Alejandro Beautell

© Efraín Pintos © Efraín Pintos © Efraín Pintos © Efraín Pintos + 24

Chapel  · 
Tenerife, Spain

ITER Building Technology Park 2nd Prize Proposal / Estudio Lunar

Courtesy of Estudio Lunar
Courtesy of Estudio Lunar

Located in Tenerife, one of the most populated islands in Spain, the second prize winning proposal for the ITER Building Technology Park settles in like a crater, relating to its volcanic surroundings. Estudio Lunar‘s design consists of two elements, the first one contains the program which is situated in the terrain interacting with it; and the second element that is situated over the terrain and only touches it to create the main access in the north protecting the building from the prevalent winds coming from the north-east. More images and architects’ description after the break.