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Taj Mahal: The Latest Architecture and News

LEGO Releases Massive 5,923-Piece Taj Mahal Kit

LEGO has announced the release of one of their largest-ever builds, a 5,923-piece Creator Export kit of the Taj Mahal.

The kit is an update of what was once the largest set ever produced by LEGO, launched in 2008 but discontinued in 2010. While preserving largely the same appearance, the re-release will contain one piece more than its predecessor.

Courtesy of LEGOCourtesy of LEGOCourtesy of LEGOCourtesy of LEGO+ 10

This Artist Draws Iconic Works of Architecture Using an Etch A Sketch

Anyone who has ever picked up an Etch A Sketch knows just how difficult and time consuming it can be to draw even the simplest of shapes. But for some fanatics, the challenge is simply a part of the fun. Artist Jane Labowitch, known also as “Princess Etch A Sketch,” is one of those people. Since first picking up an Etch A Sketch at the age of 4, she has been fascinated with the red drawing toy, developing her skills to recreate notable works of art, architecture and pop culture.

Check out her drawings of some of architecture’s most iconic works after the break.