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Call for Entries: Eliminate Loneliness Through Design

01:00 - 22 March, 2019
Call for Entries: Eliminate Loneliness Through Design, © Bubble Competitions
© Bubble Competitions

***Registration Closes at 00:00 EST on April 8th, 2019***

The After-Life Of The Architectural Model: Where Can History's Lost Models Go?

09:00 - 19 December, 2017
The After-Life Of The Architectural Model: Where Can History's Lost Models Go?, © Yamil Alvarez / Edición: D
© Yamil Alvarez / Edición: D

The architectural model: a tool, a sculptural artifact, a prized possession, and yet in the digital age of BIM and Virtual Reality, perhaps becoming an enigma, a relic for settling dust. And yet, we are still making them. If you imagine that famous photo of earth from space, of every model ever made in a single image, it raises the question - where are they all? Where does the architectural model go to die?

Video: Dan Stubbergaard Explores Architecture's Social Impact through Time and Context

06:00 - 30 June, 2015

"The role of public buildings should be the first to show quality, sustainability, and an embrace of the people," says Copenhagen native and architect, Dan Stubbergaard, in this recent video from the Louisiana Channel. In COBE: Monuments of the Future, Stubbergaard speaks in favor of architecture that reinforces the welfare state, beginning with the philosophy behind the process: "Our buildings are like a hard disk of our memory or history" says Stubbergaard, "and you can see that this was the best you could do at that time."

Founder and creative director of COBE in Copenhagen, Stubbergaard focuses his practice on work varying from public space to large urban planning. Stubbergaard explains how architecture can be a way to understand how cities grow, live, break down and grow again. It is the architecture, the buildings and structure that direct people to the most popular cities, as it is "embedded into the history."