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Call for Entries: rise in the City

rise International together with BOND Events, announce the launch of rise in the city; a unique art competition and auction raising money for local entrepreneurs in Lesotho, Africa, who are trying to solve their poverty problems for themselves.

Manhattan has been split into 100 virtual blocks. The competition invites artists, designers and architecture firms to create a piece of art representing a block of the city, and infuse it with elements of Lesotho culture.

How Hector Vigliecca's São Paulo Housing Shows the Challenges of Social Architecture

São Paulo is the financial center and largest city of Brazil, and victim to a seemingly unending water crisis. The situation stems from over-populated neighborhoods lacking in a regulated infrastructure, with buildings that are uncoordinated in their development and maintenance leading to pollution in nearby water reservoirs. In 2009, the government of São Paulo sought to address this issue by expropriating the homes of 200 families, who were then moved back in 2012 to a new construction designed by Hector Vigliecca; the Novo Santo Amaro V Park Housing.

In this video from The Architectural Review - which supports their full building study - Vigliecca and current residents of the complex reflect on what the valley of unregulated infrastructure used to be like, and how it has developed to the present day.