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"I Identify Forms with Energy": Li Xiaodong of Li Xiaodong Atelier

One of the immediate impressions that I formed of the Beijing-based architect and Tsinghua University Professor Li Xiaodong (b. 1963) is his reassuring self-confidence. Following our interview, Professor Li asked me a question of his own - would I like to teach at his school? “I never taught in my life,” I replied. He quickly countered, “I know. You can teach. Yes or no?” If I have learned anything about life, it is that when opportunities come you should grab them first and think later. "If he is so confident in me, why shouldn’t I trust him?” I reasoned.

LiYuan Library / Li Xiaodong Atelier. Image School Bridge / Li Xiaodong Atelier. Image New Building of School of Architecture / Li Xiaodong Atelier. Image New Building of School of Architecture / Li Xiaodong Atelier. Image + 24

Marlon Blackwell On Working in Arkansas and Why We Should "Recreate Strangeness" in Architecture

In this video entitled Building Between, Marlon Blackwell advocates for a kind of regionalism which isn’t as divisive as “regionalism.” As a 24-year resident of Arkansas, he recalls his work and process in a place which he states is both “an environment of natural beauty and a place of real constructed ugliness”—showing the nuanced and self-critical awareness of place beyond the utopian glorification of genius loci which earlier this year earned him the 2016 Cooper Hewitt National Design Award in Architecture.

Srygley Office Building. Image © Timothy Hursley Vol Walker Hall & the Steven L Anderson Design Center. Image © Timothy Hursley Fayetteville Montessori Elementary School. Image © Timothy Hursley St Nicholas Church. Image Courtesy of Marlon Blackwell Architects + 4