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The Invasion of La Muralla Roja, Captured by Anthony Saroufim

08:00 - 12 September, 2018
The Invasion of La Muralla Roja, Captured by Anthony Saroufim, © Anthony Saroufim
© Anthony Saroufim

Few residential projects in recent years have attracted as much attention as Ricardo Bofill's Muralla Roja. Completed in 1968, the Mediterranean design has benefited from trends of millennial culture, having served as a backdrop for several photographic essays and even music videos.

With worldwide notoriety, it isn't surprising that residents of the famous pink estate have sought to bar access from the already fortified wall. This, however, was not enough to prevent the Lebanese photographer and architect Anthony Saroufim from venturing through the labyrinthine of corridors and staircases of the Bofill building.

Ricardo Bofill's Red Wall Through The Lens of Gregori Civera

08:00 - 27 August, 2017
Ricardo Bofill's Red Wall Through The Lens of Gregori Civera, © Gregori Civera
© Gregori Civera

Photographer Gregori Civera worked in collaboration with Pablo Bofill to photograph the magnificent work of his father Ricardo Bofill. The Red Wall, La Muralla Roja is a housing project located within the La Manzanera development in Spain's Calpe. The building makes clear references to the popular architecture of the Arab Mediterranean Area, a result of the architects' inspiration by the Mediterranean tradition of the casbah.

In this photoset, Civera manages to capture the vivid colors that give abundant life to the project since 1972, exaggerating the contrast between the arid landscapes of the area and its color. In addition, the softness of the chromatic range and chosen angles manage to diminish the impact of the hard forms and imposing composition, allowing the viewer to contemplate the everyday world of this set of houses.

© Gregori Civera © Gregori Civera © Gregori Civera © Gregori Civera + 18