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The Ultimate Guide to the World's Architecture and Design Biennials

Venice? Chicago? Lisbon? Seoul? Architecture biennials, biennales, triennials, and triennales have become a vital part of the culture of modern architecture. Every two or three years, they debut new ideas, discuss popular topics, and showcase the best of what is happening in the field for both today and tomorrow. But, with the proliferation of these events in countries around the world, they can be tough to keep track of. How many are there, and when are they? ArchDaily has you covered. Below we have compiled what we believe is a comprehensive list showing the what, where, and when of the world's architecture and design biennials, triennials, and a handful of the larger yearly events. We've also included some more in-depth descriptions of a handful that have (in recent years at least) proven themselves to be big names.

New Exhibition Highlights the Best Unbuilt Works by Zaha Hadid Architects

Now on display at the Jaroslav Fragner Gallery as part of the third Prague Experimental Architecture Biennial is “ZHA: Unbuilt,” an in-depth look into some of the firm’s best projects that could have been.

Arranged within the space by typological concepts (towers, atriums, stadiums, shells, masterplans, ribbons, and bubbles), the exhibition serves as an exploration into the evolution of the work of Zaha Hadid Architects, showing how earlier research and innovations have become the foundations of the firm's architectural projects currently in development.

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