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9 Projects that Demonstrate the Versatility of Brick Floor

Often recognized as one of the most widespread constructive materials in the world, brick is, with no doubts, very versatile, low-cost and easily applied. Although it usually used in vertical surfaces, it also presents excellent properties when applied to horizontal ones, like floors.

How to Choose Pavements for High-Traffic Public Spaces

Currently, there are a multitude of pavements in the market, each with different characteristics. When designing a public space, it is essential to ask the right questions regarding requirements and functions to determine the right material for the job. To begin: Where will the pavement be installed? (Will it be protected, exposed, wet, or damp?). What level of traffic will it experience? (Light, moderate, or high?). What type of traffic will it experience? (Pedestrians, bicycles, light vehicles, or heavy vehicles?). What other factors should be considered based on preexisting conditions?

From these questions, it is possible to draw a more precise and effective profile of the "abrasion resistance" of the pavement, an important factor to guarantee the durability and efficiency of the material. Then, the aesthetic, functional, economic, and sustainable factors may be added.

© Grigoriy Sokolinsky. ImageRua Bolshaya Morskaya / AB CHVOYA + AM TRI Azatlyk - Praça Central de Naberezhnye Chelny / DROM. Image © Dmitry Chebanenko © Clément Guillaume. ImageEntrada de Chatenay Malabry / Ateliers 2/3/4/ © Norbert Tukaj . ImageEspaço Público de Ogmios / DO ARCHITECTS + 21