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Paul R. Williams: The Latest Architecture and News

43 Illustrated Homes Celebrate the Work of Paul R. Williams in California

Paul Revere Williams’ incredible architectural career spanned the growth of Hollywood. Artist Ibrahim Rayintakath illustrated 43 of Williams’ most notable California homes for HomeAdvisor, including addresses and an illustrated map so architecture buffs can check out these historic buildings in person. Between the 1920s and his retirement in 1973, Williams designed over 2,000 private homes - many for Hollywood creatives such as Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball, and Johnny Weissmuller.

Courtesy of Ibrahim RayintakathCourtesy of Ibrahim RayintakathCourtesy of Ibrahim RayintakathCourtesy of Ibrahim Rayintakath+ 46

The Getty and USC Launch Talks Shedding Light on the Impact of Architect Paul R. Williams

Paul Revere Williams, the late architect who was the first black member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), has recently been receiving some long-overdue recognition. The AIA awarded him a posthumous gold medal in 2017; a PBS documentary “Hollywood’s Architect: The Paul R. Williams Story” aired in February, and a book titled “Regarding Paul R. Williams: A Photographer’s View” was published in September.

"Design is All About People": Joshua Sanabria Explores Storytelling, Media and Alternative Paths

Storytelling is at the heart of architecture and design. For Josh Sanabria, CEO of independent media company DesignClass, great stories foster curiosity and creativity. Moving between design and technology, Sanabria has launched numerous competitions and interactive classes to celebrate design and advocate its impact. In a new interview with ArchDaily, Sanabria explores storytelling, media and technology, as well as how designers can create meaningful impact through their work.

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