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Growing Up Pavilion / New Office Works

Growing Up Pavilion / New Office Works - Cultural Center, Facade, DoorGrowing Up Pavilion / New Office Works - Cultural Center, Beam, Facade, Column, ArchGrowing Up Pavilion / New Office Works - Cultural Center, Facade, Beam, Arch, HandrailGrowing Up Pavilion / New Office Works - Cultural Center, FacadeGrowing Up Pavilion / New Office Works - More Images+ 9

Take a Deep Dive into Hong Kong's Unique, Chaotic Urban History Through this Documentary Series

Hong Kong is a unique city. With its unlikely history as a British Colony, its position as a global hub city, and its spectacular geography, the dense, lively streets of Hong Kong feature a variety of urban phenomena that can't be found anywhere else in the world. In this series of video essays, New Office Works probes the urban character of Hong Kong with stunning depth, uncovering histories and explanations that bring new intrigue to an urban fabric that is, both literally and figuratively, already heavily layered.

The title of the series, Middle Man, references Hong Kong's status as a city that mediates between east and west, calling back to the "compradors" that helped the city to grow in the 19th century by translating for traders—middlemen in the most literal sense. Rooted in this history, the urban environment is not one built on grand schemes or overarching ideals, says New Office Works: "The combination of a growing population and limited land has cultivated an instant-fix mentality. There is neither time nor space for architectural ideologies, only pure pragmatism."

3 Pavilion Designs Shortlisted in Hong Kong Young Architects and Designers Competition

Pavilion designs by three emerging architecture practices have been chosen as finalists in the inaugural Hong Kong Young Architects & Designers Competition. Established by the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority (WKCDA), the competition is the first of its kind in Hong Kong, aimed at “showcasing the creativity and potential of local architects and designers still in the early stages of their careers.”

A total of 320 entries were received from Hong Kong residents who either have been practicing for fewer than 10 years or who are currently studying architecture at the university level. The competition asked designers to envision a temporary pavilion that will be built inside the Nursery Park at the West Kowloon Cultural District.