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Busan Opera House Proposal / Nabito Arquitectura

11:00 - 29 August, 2011
Courtesy of Nabito Arquitectura
Courtesy of Nabito Arquitectura

The new Busan Opera House, designed by Nabito Arquitectura, will put the city on the international map, allowing it to become part of the network of world renowned opera houses. As another node in the network, the I-Opera, the title of their project, will not only be integrated on an international level, but it will also serve as a landmark on the local level. It will be present in the collective memory of the people of Busan and also be a part of their daily life experience. More images and architects’ description after the break.

The Third Open Colosseum / Nabito Arquitectura

11:00 - 2 July, 2011

Designed by Nabito Arquitectura, the QR ROME PROJECT is a new open Coliseums , a media building mixed use that works as an International multiple hub. It is located in Rome, Italy. One of the goals is to collects opportunities from the society, to feedback ideas and creativity, to give people solutions of a better quality. In this sense the building is the concrete translation of its program and goal.

Outside the Intelligent coliseum is both a infrastructural gateway to Rome and a linked way-out from Rome, it is a detectable building.

The facades of the building are QR (quick response) codes open to flexible contents and remind the user to different portals of information.

CDR-CDU / Nabito Arquitectura

12:00 - 4 November, 2010
Courtesy of Nabito Arquitectura
Courtesy of Nabito Arquitectura

The CDR-CDU Master plan by Nabito Arquitectura is directed by the desire to create self-sufficient enclosures in the proposed Blocks in order to fight against the abusive urban texture that has developed over the past 50 years on the site. The architects have tried to create an operational space within each of the Blocks in the master plan in hopes that future development of each individual Block will link with one another.

More images and description after the break.