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Wire Mesh Installation Features Architectural Fragments Constructed At 1:1

Commissioned for a large-scale event in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Edoardo Tresoldi in collaboration with Design Lab Experience have constructed a vast indoor "piazza" of architectural fragments. Accommodating a 7000sqm event space, each "Classical" element is built entirely from wire mesh and comprises domes, arches, colonnades, columns, and imitations of sacred spaces (namely Italian basilicas). Together they create a translucent and ephemeral sequence of indoor rooms – all layered by a strikingly contemporary aesthetic.

Acoustic Environments / AREA and Electrotexture Lab

Courtesy of AREA and Electrotexture Lab
Courtesy of AREA and Electrotexture Lab

The Acoustic Pavilion Project, developed by AREA and Electrotexture Lab, is created from evolutionary algorithms that search the optimum form and reflective environment for electronic music within the context of Aalborg’s harbor front. More images and brief project description after the break.