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Call for Papers for CANactions Magazine Edition 02. Земля | The Land

CANactions School launches the Call for Papers for CANactions Magazine Edition 02 'ЗЕМЛЯ І THE LAND'. It is meant to explore "LAND" and its inhabitants to collect and share with the world the most actual and relevant portrait of contemporary post-socialist states countryside.

You are welcome to submit your abstracts before 30 May 2020. CANactions Magazine Edition 02 will be published on the 20th of August 2020.
Call for Papers for CANactions Magazine Edition 02: ЗЕМЛЯ | THE LAND

CANactions Magazine—a quarterly publication of essays, articles, and interviews by critical and engaged professionals of a wide range of fields and young creative thinkers

Call for Submissions: Dennis Sharp CICA Awards for Architectural Criticism 2020

The International Committee of Architectural Critics CICA is pleased to announce an invitation to publishers, editors, curators and authors to submit their publications for consideration for the 10th CICA Awards 2020 by 30th November 2019. Award winners will be announced during the UIA XXVII World Congress of Architecture to be held in Rio de Janeiro from July 19th to 23rd, 2020.

The Awards fall into four categories:

“Bruno Zevi CICA Book Award”
For published books on architectural criticism, theory and history
“Pierre Vago CICA Journalism Award”
For an article

Call for Submissions: See/Saw

“Nothing, and Everything Else” aims to locate architecture’s general position between nothing and something. Nothing is temporary, easily intimated, fleeing whenever something comes to take its place. At one point obsessed with space, architecture as a discipline has become occupied by a diffuse range of topics and fields which poses the question - is everything now architecture, or alternatively, is architecture now nothing? Is there a middle ground between the two? And is nothing residual - does it last or linger, smell stinky or pleasant, is it strong or subtle?

ARCHITECT's 12th Annual R+D Awards

ARCHITECT magazine is now accepting entries for its 12th Annual R+D Awards! We would be grateful if you could share the competition details below with your network. The winners will published in ARCHITECT’s July 2018 issue and on our website. As with previous years, full-time students and faculty are eligible for a reduced registration fee!

Call for Articles: The Site Magazine Volume 39: Foundations and Disruptions (Technology/Architecture/Urbanism)


Technology is the answer—but what was the question?

—Cedric Price

Just 20 years ago, Nicholas Negroponte, the founder of the MIT Media Lab, anticipated that the post-information age would remove the limitations of geography. Digital living, he said, would allow transmission of place itself. (1) This prediction that technology would destroy distance and that our physicality would lose relevance did not hold true; rather, it expanded the meaning of physical space by making it more complex and inseparable from its digital dimension. (2)

The translation of the built environment into digital information—through robotics, big data, and smart

Call for submissions: ROOM // Issue 01 - Bathroom

Room is an independent student publication out of the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of British Columbia. Each issue of the annual digest explores a different distinguishable room and challenges its boundaries and demarcations, both material and immaterial.

Call for Papers: STUDIO #13 – UNITED

How does formal commitment of architecture and urban planning give us a UNITED (or not) city landscape, through the transformation of its knowledge into aggregational processes? Territories have different strategies of possession by its inhabitants, in between different narratives, epistemological discourses, and fragmentation processes. Within this context, the city is characterized by structural UNITED elements that shape urban futures.

Pattern Brutalist - An Illustrative Magazine

Russian designer Sergey Lisovsky has created an online illustrative magazine inspired by Brutalist Architecture. Pattern Brutalist’s first issue was published in January 2017, illustrating four Brutalist buildings across Russia, Germany, and Serbia. The buildings, dating between 1968 and 1980, are represented by Lisovsky using a collection of GIFs, photographs, and illustrations.

Pattern Brutalist also hosts a T-shirt printing service, allowing users to publically express their appreciation for an often-criticized architectural style.