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Louvre Lens: The Latest Architecture and News

Alberto Campo Baeza and Raphaël Gabrion’s Louvre Design Ties for First Place

Winning joint first prize in the recent competition hosted by the Louvre museum, Alberto Campo Baeza and Raphaël Gabrion have proposed a dark, cubic volume for the combined conservation facility and gallery to be built in Liévin. Though the final commission for the project was awarded to the other first place winner, Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, the proposal by Campo Baeza and Gabrion offers an interesting take on the relationship between art and architecture.

Building model. Image Courtesy of Alberto Campo BaezaThe design inserted into Monet's "Soleil Levant". Image Courtesy of Alberto Campo BaezaInterior rendering. Image Courtesy of Alberto Campo BaezaRendering of the project. Image Courtesy of Alberto Campo Baeza+ 9

Video: Louvre-Lens / SANAA

French architect and filmmaker Vincent Hecht has released the latest in his Japanese Collection series, this time featuring the SANAA-designed Louvre-Lens Museum. A sister gallery of the Musée du Louvre, the Louvre-Lens is a 360-meter-long, steel and glass museum built on a 20-hectare abandoned coal mine.

Iwan Baan on Light and the Louvre Lens

Most architects are familiar with the work of Iwan Baan, the eminent photographer who has documented some of the most famous buildings of our time. But what you may not know is that Baan had not originally intended to photograph architecture. Had it not been for a chance meeting with Rem Koolhaas, things may have turned out quite differently.

In the video above, Baan speaks with ERCO at the Louvre Lens, a SANAA-designed offshoot of the Paris Louvre located in a small mining town in the north of France. As he traipses around the museum's campus, he speaks about everything from his approach to photography (one that is less wrapped up in architecture than you might think) to the importance and transformative properties of light .

© Iwan Baan© Iwan Baan© Iwan Baan© Iwan Baan+ 9