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Trenches, Benches, and Trees on Towers: New Exhibit Delves Into our Relationship with WOOD

In our technology-obsessed age we tend to forget where materials actually come from. But in their first exhibition on materials, WOOD, the Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam not only overviews wood's uses from World War I trenches to daily tools, but also reminds us where wood comes from, tracking wood's manmade and natural "cycles" of destruction and reconstruction. WOOD is curated by Dan Handel, in cooperation with exhibition designers Jannetje in ‘t Veld and Toon Koehorst and is showing until October 8th of this year - learn more at the website here.

A Selection Of Everyday Wooden Materials Around The World. Image Courtesy of Ernst Van Der HoevenFamous Colour Photographer Hans Hilderbrand's Photo Of The Wooden Trenches During WWI. Image Courtesy of Hans HildenbrandThe Exhibition Is Not Just About Wood, But The Forest As Well. Image Courtesy of Dan HandelJames Wines' Vision For A Best Products Showroom. Image Courtesy of James Wines+ 9