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20 Incredible Images of Architecture and Animals: The Best Photos of the Week

For the animal lovers among our audience, this week we have put together a special roundup of images of architecture alongside some marvelous critters. While not exactly a mainstay of architectural photography, proponents of the form like BoysPlayNice, Jesus Granada and Rafael Gamo have dared to include animal inhabitants in their architectural compositions. Read on to see a selection of 20 creative images where you will find horses, sheep, cows, goats, dogs, cats, and even elephants.

© Gartnerfuglen & Mariana de Delás © Matharoo Associates © Jesús Granada © Olo Studio + 19

Minimalist, Enviable Snap-Together Dog Houses from Bad Marlon

Your pet's den no longer has to be an eyesore. South Korean brand BAD MARLON has designed a line of modern pet homes that would meet the specs of any architect. The minimalist collection is made up of three dog houses, two of which are assembled magnetically, and one beautifully crafted interlocking pen. Take a look for yourself, after the break.