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Daniel Libeskind On the Poetics of Memory and Time in Architecture

In PLANE-SITE's latest video from their Time-Space-Existence series, Daniel Libeskind describes his work in relation to Shakespeare's quote that "time is out of joint." Weaving in his philosophy regarding time, memory and architecture, Libeskind discusses his seminal works such as the Jewish Museum Berlin and the Ground Zero master plan. These ideas will be transferred to his new project named Facing Gaia, an architectural sculpture to be located in Giardini Marinaressa, which explores the connections between climate, time, space and existence.

National Holocaust Monument. Image© DoublespaceFacing Gaia Sketch. Image© Studio LibeskindMons International Cogress Xperience. Image© Georges de KinderModern Art Museum Vilnius. Image© Studio Libeskind+ 12